Letter To The Editor: Mother’s Day

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Dear Editor,
Thank God for Mother’s Day. This is how Mother’s Day became a national day.
The title of mother was given to the Virgin Mary. Mother’s Day is set every year in honor of motherhood.
In 1872, it was suggested to have Mother’s Day honored, but it was not made a national holiday yet. In 1887, a school teacher from Kentucky started to observe this day, and others began to follow her. In 1904, in South Bend Indiana, another person started a campaign to make Mother’s Day a national day. It took 10 years before it was made a national day to be celebrated on the second week of May every year in 1914.
A mother’s love is a reflection from God. A mother’s love is God’s greatest gift. A mother works tirelessly for her child. A mother that pray’s together stays together. A mother is the family’s treasure. A mother puts her trust in God for guidance.
A mother brings love comfort and strength to her child. A mother’s arms hold them tight. A mother has a few material goods, just to provide better for her child. A mother dedicates the best life to her child. A mother’s encourages, not discourages. A mother shows her love with action, not just talk. A mother said do your best; Life is too short. A mother said nothing is impossible.
This is my mother’s teachings to me. I owe her everything. I did the same for my children to follow.
God bless all mothers.
Imogene Naylor

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