Life after the virus

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By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

What will life be like in our community after the virus is eradicated?
I believe that day will come. Reports indicate that the sooner 75-80 percent of our population are vaccinated the sooner it will be wiped out.
I am ready for festivals and events to open up again. After all, spring is just around the corner and cabin fever is piled right on top of an almost year-long self quarantine.
People need people. Hugs, embraces, hand-shakes, pats on the back, the sense of touch. Touch from a caring person can instantly make people feel better. It is good for the soul.
People need to have common causes to support. We need fresh air and the company of friends without the worry of spreading this strange virus. That is what I miss most.
When we do open back up will there still be the mask mandate?
Years ago I wondered what was wrong when I would see someone out in public wearing a mask. Now it is just the opposite. Masks are expected.
Even though more seem to be masking, the virus continues to spread. What is the answer?
The medical field is not my field of expertise. Sometimes I wonder if I even have any of that expertise in anything.
Sitting in a recliner in quietness warmed by the heat from the gas fireplace is a great place to write these words. I miss being out and about. I admit that I even like crowds.
Sunday worship services are held from the sofa in front of that same fireplace as we participate in services that stream through the same laptop.
Business meetings are held on ZOOM via the same laptop. While the first zoom meetings seemed strange they now are second nature. Time and gas are saved.
These are only my thoughts. What are yours? Have an opinion? Express it through a Letter to the Editor or a Guest Column.
After all, life is better with a (local) newspaper.
Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent.

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