Local author publishes during quarantine

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Local author, John D. Harris, capitalized on the recent virus quarantine to complete and publish two novels. “Redeemer’s Scheme” is a fictional account of Jesus’ life, told from the perspective of his infamous disciple named Judas.
This mix of fact and fiction offers inventive possibilities for the “missing years” of Jesus’ life and also for Judas’ motives. In addition to Jesus’ familiar message of compassion and redemption, this version also explores the themes of friendship and selfless loyalty. Regarding this novel, Harris said, “It is my hope this fictional version promotes a renewed interest in readers to explore the real Jesus and His most consequential life, as described in the Gospels.
The second novel, South of Sidon, follows two teens living in Mississippi during the late 1980’s. Ignoring the Delta’s racial barriers, Aaron (white) and Juanita (black) become unlikely allies, teaming up to help each other survive their senior year and graduate high school. They navigate choppy teenage waters in hope of dodging racism, bullying and typical coming-of-age hazards.
Will the secrets made to conceal their youthful acts follow them into adulthood?
With themes of injustice and revenge, their story is sprinkled with his music (blues, rock ‘n roll) and her theatrics (screenplay writing).
After retiring from a long career in engineering, Harris has more recently served as a part-time science and math teacher at Chester County High School. Several of his high school students have inspired some of the characters in his novels. Harris has published a total of ten books, including seven novels.
All of his books are available by loan from the Chester County Library. His five most recent novels are also available for purchase or download from Amazon.

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