Loss of Innocence

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Behold, sons (are) an inheritance of Jehovah, the fruit of the womb (is) a reward. Children were considered a reward, i.e., a blessing from Jehovah. I have two children and would have welcomed many more if I had been so blessed. We do not ever know how long a person comes into our lives. I lost a granddaughter at 16 weeks. Yet, she was a blessing nonetheless. That is what makes the loss of such innocence so difficult to cope and endure. That is the big question – how do we cope with the loss of a child so young and innocent? Words come easy. Answers are easily stated sometimes but not always easily lived. As someone correctly said, “We live in a world of assumptions.” We assume that our soul mates as well as our children will live to old age and in supreme health all the way. Yet life is not that way at all. As one mother said, “I miss their smile, the way they played, cleaning up after them, etc.” When tragedy strikes, we commonly seek to blame someone. Often there is no one, especially not God.
We are physical human beings subject to decline, disease and death. We think our children should outlive us. This is another assumption that is illogical. Children come into this world innocent and pure. Sometimes they depart this life all too soon and through no fault of their own or God. I am thinking of three I know of. One was my granddaughter. Sometimes death comes to the innocent and pure. Sometimes there is no one to blame for their departure. If we find ourselves in this position, we will do well to surround ourselves with positive people who are willing to walk with us in our journey with grief for as long as we need for the long haul. We are at your service. Call David at 879-6284. This is Sunrise Aftercare.

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