Mask mandate?

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By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

Will a statewide mask mandate wipe out the coronavirus? Some say that it will drastically reduce spread of the virus while other are skeptical. States that have issued a mandate still see rising numbers of people infected with COVID-19.
Should there be a mask mandate across our state? How effective are masks?
These are questions that are on a lot of minds as we trudge into the late fall still struggling to eradicate COVID-19.
Lisa and I just returned home back from a visit to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, an island that has put mandatory mask orders in place. Anyone who enters a commercial building is required to wear a mask or some sort of face covering. Visitors are quickly reminded to get their mask if they enter without one. Many businesses placed boxes of masks at the entrance and offered them free to people who did not have one.
Personally, I did not see anything wrong or pushy about being required to wear a mask. It soon became second nature, and we automatically grabbed a mask when we got out of the car.
I do not think Tennessee should require a mask, but what can it hurt to wear one? I see it as a display of respect.
After a return home, we methodically grabbed masks for a few days and kept them with us, but we do not wear them like we did on Hilton Head.
I wonder how the majority of our readers feel? I would love to hear from both sides of this issue. There is no right or wrong answer, just opinions.
Any of our readers who have thoughts are encouraged to submit a Letter to the Editor or a guest column.
We like opinions on both sides. We want to publish a newspaper that reflects the thoughts and lifestyles of our communities. We want to be your newspaper.
Freedom of the press is one of our guarantees and it goes right along with freedom of speech.
Let’s hear from our readers! And remember, life is better with a (local) newspaper.

Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent

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