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The County Commission meeting was held on Monday, Sept 18. Mayor Barry Hutcherson was placed as Chairman again, and the majority vote did not come in to elect a Chair Pro Tempore. That will be voted again at the next meeting. Committees were assigned by Mayor Hutcherson and passed by the Commission. It is time for all to start working together to figure out the right moves for what is best for all of Chester County throughout this next year.
Be ready to shop the local FARMERS MARKET at a different time for the remainder of this season. The time will be from 4-7 p.m. through the end of October.
Montezuma sends out happy birthday wishes to Steve Morrison on Sept. 20, Kaitlyn Colbert on Sept. 23, Stacy Pruitt, Braydon Todd Beshires, Pud Oliver and Joel Cox (my son) on Sept. 25, Linda Emerson on Sept. 26, Doug Thomas on Sept. 27 and Aiden Atkin on Sept. 28.
We need more community involvement for our center and would like to invite people to join in.  Annual renewal dues are $25 after your first initial year of joining. Membership dues can be paid starting now for a new year. They are due no later than September 30 to be an active member. We also take donations. Payments can be mailed to Edith Sills at 4475 Sunshine Rd, Henderson, TN  38340. We appreciate all our members and would like to have more events if we can get enough help to do so. Call Ann Moore at 608-2033 or myself if you have any new ideas for the center or wish to get involved. People who want to rent the community center should contact Betty Cooper at 879-9078 for booking. We ask those renting our facility to please follow our rules and show respect for the building. We try to keep it in the best order possible, and it takes everyone cooperating to make that happen. If you care about this community, please get involved in what is taking place to continue to grow our county and make it a better place to live and raise a family. Get to know what is changing in our local government, schools, churches and communities through the news, friends, your church, teachers, etc., and if it matters to you, there are ways to help make things better.
There is much spiritual warfare with society accepting things that go against who God is and what HIS laws are that we are to follow. Every day of life has its challenges, but if we look to God for the right path, it can be a good one. Please pray for Marcia Moore, Donnie Brooks, Dot Smith, Linda Plunk, Dub Burkhead, Patsy Clayton, Lynn Frye, Thomas Sills, Lee Trice, Wesley Whitman, Jerry Pruitt, Patricia Ledford, Michael Lee, Mike Tedford, Stella Malone, Clint Murley, Sherry Fletcher, Chuck Beacham, Sandra Lott, Faye Crouse, Janice Morris, Lisa Bishop, Jeanette Walker, Paul Schilling, Nancy Crouse, Martha Cooper and others that are sick or healing. We especially want to remember the families of Max Pickett, Inez LeCornu, Betty Faye Rogers, Martha Bell Climer Phillips (former owner of the current Oden’s) and other families that have recently lost loved ones.
I am always looking for noteworthy news to share in this column. Please send to or text me at 608-2857.
As always, I am wishing a very blessed week to all you readers. Until next time!

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