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By: Riley Haltom

Chester County is set to play the Lexington Tigers in football on Friday. This Halloween Eve matchup will be the Eagles hardest test yet, as the Tigers are first in the district. As always, there is a theme for this game. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the theme for Friday’s matchup is pink-out. The players will be decked out in pink gear, from socks to wristbands. The crowd is encouraged to join the players in wearing pink clothing or accessories to the game. The student section will be decked out in Halloween costumes with some sort of pink accessory.
For different people, Breast Cancer Awareness Month means different things. For me personally, it is a chance to reflect on how breast cancer affected my mother and a chance to raise awareness so breast cancer may be caught earlier and so others may one day not have to struggle with breast cancer by way of a cure. On Friday, Melina Alexander will be wearing pink for similar reasons.
“I am personally wearing pink Friday night in order to spread awareness for breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every year we dedicate one October game with the theme pink-out. We do this to increase attention and support for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer!”
Similarly, Riley Bland will be sporting pink when he takes the field against the Tigers.
“I am wearing pink to raise awareness for a disease that has affected some of my loved ones personally.”
The American Cancer Society will be selling luminarias to raise money.
This event is extremely important for fundraising. The link to the website is Breast cancer will likely affect everyone in some way, whether it is an aunt, grandmother, mother, sister, daughter or niece.
Hopefully, through awareness and fundraising, the devastating effects of breast cancer can be more easily treated and perhaps, one day cured.

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