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By: Riley Haltom

After Halloween, it is not unusual to see Halloween decorations come down on the first of November. And in many cases, the fall of Halloween decorations means the rise of Christmas decorations. You can already drive down the road and see Christmas trees and light displays being set up. However, there is one more major holiday to come before Christmas – Thanksgiving. At Chester County High School, Thanksgiving Break is set to begin on the Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving, to Nov. 27.
This time is set aside so students and teachers can see their families for Thanksgiving dinners. While the extended Thanksgiving break was reduced back to its original three days due to the late start of school, it, nonetheless, gives time for families to gather and see each other in a year where it has been hard to do so. Personally, I will be spending Thanksgiving at home. However, Addison Summars will be in another state.
“On Thanksgiving Day, my family and I are traveling to Corinth, Miss., to eat dinner with my mother’s side of the family. We travel there every year to celebrate the holiday with them, and it’s always nice to see family that you don’t get to see very often.”
Sadly, RJ Barboza will be stuck inside for Thanksgiving.
“I got quarantined on the 16th, so I will be stuck inside until the 30th. I am going to end up being bored out of my mind, playing Madden and just laying around. But at least it just feels like a long break at a time that it felt needed.”
Meanwhile, Molly Connor will be having several interesting guests at her table.
“My mom works at Union and she’s met many international students who can’t go home for the holidays, so we’re having them over. So far we have two coming for sure. They’re both girls, and one is from Turkey, and one is from Uganda. Other students we’ve invited are a guy from Iceland, a girl from Thailand, a guy from Nepal and girls from Italy and England.”
In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, basketball will officially begin its season. The first game at Hardin County was Nov. 17, and the first home game is against Bolivar on Nov. 20. The student body is ecstatic for the start of basketball season, and one can expect that the student section at the home games will be filled with excited fans.

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