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By: Riley Haltom

For most seniors at Chester County High School, this semester will be their last in high school. The transition from high school to what comes after is not an easy one and is filled with difficult decisions and hard work. Some may choose to directly enter the workforce, some may choose to attend a trade school. Many plan to enroll in a community college or four-year university. Those that are attending college have plenty of work to do due to college applications and scholarship applications. Personally, for the last few weeks, much of my focus has been directed towards scholarships and deciding the college I will be attending. While the decision of which college to attend may be easy for some, for others, like Senior Presley Rhodes it is an extremely stressful crossroads to be at.
“For most of senior year, there’s one thing on your mind and that’s what your plans are for stepping into another chapter of life. The options and colleges out there are endless. It’s a major struggle choosing between really good schools to further your education. This has definitely been one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make almost all my life, but I know that with time, I will choose the right one.”
Scholarship applications are a stressful but necessary part of the transition from high school to college. The forms are long and time-consuming, but the reward of money to cover the cost for education is worth the task of writing a couple of essays or filling out a few forms. For most people, scholarships are vital for getting the chance to attend the school they want. Senior Addison Summars has done several applications in order to pay for as much as she can.
“Scholarship applications are a vital part of the college process. It is important to apply for scholarships to make my college journey as affordable as possible for me and my family. I make time to write the essays and fill out as many scholarships as possible.”
In addition, the assistant principal of the high school, who is also my mother, Angelia Haltom, has a few words of advice for seniors preparing for their next steps in life.
“My advice to seniors would be to pursue your passions, always be the hardest worker in the room and take care of one another. Life is too short and moves too fast to do anything less.”
The stress and responsibilities that come with moving on from high school are difficult to deal with, however, with some determination and hard work, students can succeed in taking the next step in their lives.

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