News from Chester County Junior High School

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By: Carlie Brewer, Tessa Moore,
Ariel Faulkner,
and Hudson Lewis

The students with the top CASE scores in every grade level are receiving a t-Shirt, and Mr. Shumate will do something for CASE scores later on in the week. In seventh grade math, we are currently learning negative numbers and how to multiply and divide negative and positive integers. In SS we are learning about Southwest Asia and North Africa. In ELA we are learning about Word Meanings and Nuances. In Science we are learning about particles and changes of Matter.
Sports update: CCJHS against Hardin County: JV girls won 15-11, Varsity Girls lost 34-21 and Varsity Boys won 51 – 15; CCJHS against Selmer Middle School: JV Boys won 43 – 2, Varsity Girls won 32 – 11 and Varsity Boys won 63 – 12.
We have awesome Eagles and Eaglettes! After the game, Hudson Lewis spoke with the players, asking “How did you feel about the game?”
JV player, Ian Joy said, “The defense was good, had good defense for the entire game. Had a stand-up offense for the last three quarters.” 
According to Varsity player, Karley Heinsohn, “They were a good match for us, and we had to work hard the whole way through.
Varsity player, Aiden Welch said, “It felt good, we got to the right plays and executed them.”
Monday, Nov. 2, some of the students began NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. Each November, participating students begin a novel on the Young Writers Program site. This site allows students to set writing goals, keep track of progress and achieve goals. Also, students can read pep talks by famous authors such as Lois Lowrey, James Patterson and many more.

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