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By: Ariel Faulkner
and Tessa Moore

Ariel Faulkner here with information on eighth grade education for the past week. In eighth grade science classes, students learned about plate tectonics. The end goal is for students to use their knowledge of plate tectonics, along with other geographic knowledge, to design their own planet. In eighth grade history classes, students learned about the early contributions to growth of the United States. The end goal is for students to use their knowledge of the early growth of our nation to write an Inquiry Argument about the ways the struggle for power influenced America and to be able to actively participate in a pop-up debate. In eighth grade math classes, students studied functions. They learned how to turn standard equations into functions and how to plot those functions on a graph. In eighth grade ELA classes, students finished up part two of three of Finding Home projects. These projects are based on the book Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai about a refugee’s experiences fleeing and finding home. Students will finish this project by writing an Analytical Essay connecting the main characters’ experiences to refugees in general.
Tessa Moore asked this question: “What is Thanksgiving about at CCJHS?” Well, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for your teachers, your friends and your family. All of these things are important to me, I hope that they are important to you, but I do not know that for sure. If they are, you know that family and friends, and even your teachers, will help get you through hard times. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Not just at CCJHS but across the country. 
Now let’s get into Christmas and see what a student is doing over Christmas break. Silas McManus says. “My grandmother is coming down for Christmas, unless I get COVID.” That is all from Silas. Now let’s hear from Thomas, and what he will do over Thanksgiving break. He says, “I’m going to visit my family all the way in West Virginia.” 
Enjoy Thanksgiving with your families!

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