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By: Stacey Pruett

Happy Fall Break to everyone! We hope you are enjoying your time off. We were busy this past week before our break. Our Parent Teacher Conferences went well and almost everyone was reached with an update on how their child is doing.
First graders were busy learning about the Earth and the moon! They learned what makes day and night and what causes the seasons. Also, first graders gained an understanding of the human body. They learned about their bones, muscles and organs! First graders took their first CASE tests, and they enjoyed using IXL for learning. Please remember that your first grader can access IXL from home as well. Please encourage your child to have fun learning at home by using IXL.
In reading our second graders were introduced to the continent of Asia, and its two most populous countries, India and Chile. In math they mentally added 10 or 100 to a given number 100-900 and mentally subtracted 10 or 100 from a given number 100-900. During their Social Studies time they concluded their study on the physical features of the earth, including island, lake, mountain, ocean, peninsula, plain, plateau, river and valley. 
Our third graders worked hard learning about animals and the way they are classified. They were busy watching live feed of animals from the Smithsonian Zoo and writing observations. In the third grade hall, all students were able to check out the habitats of their snails, roly polies, goldfish and guppies. In Social Studies they learned about important rivers around the world. They also continued working on their multiplication fluency.

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