News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Kim Murphy

We have some BIG news at East Chester Elementary School. East Chester has been named a Reward School by the state of Tennessee! The Reward status is the highest distinction a school can earn in the state and is given to those who exemplify student success in achievement and growth. We are so proud of our teachers and students! 
In kindergarten the students are working hard! The students are studying the letters Vv, Zz, Pp and Ee. They are learning how to make words with those letters. In math the students will focus on the number five. They will learn how to recognize, count, write and add with five. They are beginning a unit on sorting.
First graders are learning more and more each week! They are reading a story called “Gran’s Trips.” The students are also reading about early civilizations. In math the students are learning about shapes.
In second grade the students are growing so much! This week, the students are reading a book called “Fireboat.” It tells the story of one unimaginable hero of the Sept. 11 attacks. They are learning about this historical event from the viewpoint of John J. Harvey and crew. Students are continuing to learn about three-digit numbers in math. They will be practicing how to show a three-digit number in word form, expanded form, base-ten form and unit form. The students will also be learning how to skip count by fives from any number! 
Third graders are rocking and rolling at East Chester. In reading students are beginning a new unit on animal classification. The students always love learning about all the different ways animals are classified! They will learn how to add the suffixes -ed and -ing to root words. In math our third graders are beginning to multiply. They will be learning how to use equal groups, number lines and arrays to show multiplication. This is such a big skill for third grade and the students are eager to get started! 
Dr. Kim Scott has challenged all grown-ups and students to read one million words this year! For each student who reaches this goal, there will be a celebration at the end of the school year. Keep up the reading, East Chester students! 
Just a reminder that Fall Break is coming up on Oct. 8-15. 
It is always a great day to be at East Chester Elementary School! 

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