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By: Kim Murphy

What a great week filled with learning we are having here at East Chester Elementary School! The students have been working on our Veteran’s Day Program. Our program will be virtual this year. Ms. Kim will be posting the video on our East Chester Facebook page on Nov. 11. Our program is always such a moving tribute to those brave men and women who have served to protect our freedoms. 
In kindergarten, so much learning is happening! Our kindergarteners are continuing to work on blending and spelling words with the letters they have learned so far this year. They will also begin their unit on syllables. In math the students are learning about the number nine. They will learn how to add with the number nine and decompose that number. The students are beginning their unit on Indigenous people and Pilgrims in preparation for Thanksgiving. 
 First graders are working hard! In CKLA the students are learning about ancient civilizations. They are reading texts such as “The Mayans: Farming, Leaders, and Cities” to build their background knowledge. In math the students are learning how to add doubles facts and how to use those doubles facts to help them add other facts. 
In second grade students are learning so many interesting things! With CKLA, the students are learning about the Erie Canal and how it was also a help in transporting people and cargo from the East to the West. The students will be writing about whether or not they would want to work on the Erie Canal or not. The students are working on adding two-digit numbers with regrouping in math. 
Our third graders are making us proud! Third graders are continuing to learn about animal classification, specifically birds in CKLA. They are reading about the characteristics of different types of birds. In math they are still working on multiplication and division. There is so much to learn! Students have been learning how to use related multiplication facts to help divide. 
PTO is planning a fun event for children to attend before the Henderson Christmas Parade. They are asking for donations to help cover the many items needed for this special event. Each grade level has been asked to bring something different. Kindergarten needs to send in boxes of Hot Chocolate mix packets. First grade needs to send in snack size plastic sandwich bags and oatmeal (not the packets). Second grade needs to send in marshmallows, red and green sugar sprinkles and candy canes. Third grade needs to send in eight ounce styrofoam cups. Faculty and staff need to send in soft peppermints. 
We want to remind our readers that we have a PTO meeting planned for 6:30 p.m. Nov. 16 in our cafeteria. We hope to see you there! 
As always, it is a great day to be at East Chester Elementary School! 

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