News from East Chester Elementary School

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By: Kim Murphy

Here at East Chester, we are having a wonderful week of learning! Our first grade students led the school with our Leader in Me Assembly last Friday. They helped us to remember the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. These habits help us to take care of ourselves, work together, and be understanding of others. How lovely it would be if everyone practiced these habits! 
Ms. Kim uploaded our Veteran’s Day Program to the East Chester Facebook page last Thursday. Our video was a heart-felt tribute to those brave men and women that have served in our country’s armed forces. To all of the Veterans, we say THANK YOU! Thank you for your service, dedication and commitment to preserving our nation and our freedoms. If you have not watched our Veteran’s Day Program, you are truly missing a treat! 
In kindergarten those students are learning so many new things! The students are continuing to practice how to blend and spell words using the letters they have learned so far. In math they are still working on the number nine. They are learning ways to decompose and add using that number. They are also beginning to add using number lines. With Thanksgiving, the students are learning about different Native American tribes and the Pilgrims.
First graders sure are working hard! In reading the students are continuing to learn about ancient civilizations. The students are reading about the Aztecs and learning about their cities, farming and leaders. The students are learning different ways to make 10 in math. They are also learning how to add using doubles. 
East Chester’s second graders are showing all that they know! The students are learning about Veterans Day. They are learning what a veteran is and the history behind this day in which we honor those brave men and women. In math the students are learning how to regroup the 10s and ones to add. 
In third grade students are making us so proud! In reading the students are finishing up their unit on animal classification. They have learned so much about this topic. If you see an East Chester third grader, be sure to ask them what they have learned about classifying animals. Students are learning how multiplication and division are related in math. They are learning how to use a related multiplication fact to help them divide. 
Schools will be closed for Thanksgiving Break Nov. 22-26. 
Just a reminder that we are collecting supplies for our Cookies with Santa. This event will take place before the Henderson Christmas Parade on Dec. 2. Please send in items by Nov. 30. Kindergarten needs to bring in boxes of hot chocolate mix packets. First grade needs to bring in snack size plastic sandwich bags and oatmeal (not the packets). Second grade needs to bring in marshmallows, red and green sugar sprinkles and candy canes. Third grade needs to bring in eight ounce Styrofoam cups. Faculty and staff need to bring in soft peppermints. This is going to be such a fun event! 

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