News from Jacks Creek Elementary School

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By: Hailey Thomas

We are having a great week at Jacks Creek Elementary!
You may be getting extra letters going home about our Fall Festival. Important date to remember: Oct. 31 – students can wear Halloween costumes; Nov. 5 – JCES Fall Festival; and Nov. 18 – Administration Day (no school for students due to elections).
The Beekeepers of the Week are Ayva McGowen and Dominic Harriell. Ayva’s favorite book is “Unicorn.” Her birthday is July 17, and her favorite food is spaghetti. Dominic’s favorite book is “Dog Man.” His birthday is Oct. 23, and his favorite food is grilled cheese.
Kindergarten has been learning all about pumpkins and visited the pumpkin patch! We are reading CVC words and writing them, too. We are beginning addition and putting groups of objects together to count the total.
First grade students have been working hard on finishing up their study of the human body. They drew each major system on a picture of a blank body and then wrote one fact in a complete sentence about each system. The boys and girls have been amazed about all the things that our bodies can do. They have also made a craft of “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.” Then, they wrote about if they could have a pumpkin that could be any shape and any size, what their pumpkin would look like. Some said that theirs would be star shaped and rainbow colored, while others said theirs would be shaped like a diamond and would be blue. Finally, they drew a picture of their pumpkin above their writing.
We are so glad to be back in second grade this week! We had a good break and are ready to resume our learning. We have been going over data from our test and reviewing. We also had a great field trip to the pumpkin patch!
Third grade has been working hard since being back from Fall Break. We are learning about the Solar System and the different components that make it so grand. In math we are learning about the different properties of multiplication. So far we have learned about commutative and distributive property.

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