News from the Deanburg Community of Chester County

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with Carolyn Goff

Greetings from Deanburg! I hope everyone had a great week. I know some of you probably encountered flooded areas last week with all the rain. I am writing this on Sunday, and it has been a beautiful day.
We only have one birthday, and it is a big one. Cecil (Billy) Murley will be…well, I better not say, but he has had a lot…I mean a lot of birthdays. We wish you a very happy day!
We want to wish Tony and Kimba Harris a very happy anniversary in March 7. Hope you have many more! 
On our prayer list are Kristen Carlton Jones, Brianna Landers, Samantha Mosier, Joyce Stewart, Jimmy Bullman and Woodie Deming. Continue to remember our first responders, our health care workers, our military and our great country. If you need to add someone to our prayer list or remove someone, call or text me at 879-9777. 
Our sincere condolences to Larry Rose’s family. Mr. Rose is survived by his wife, Patricia ‘Pat’ Ann Mays Rose of Pinson; a daughter, Heather (Roger) Curry of Wood Lands, Texas; and two grandchildren, Lt. Sean Curry (Meara) of Coronado, Calif., and Robert Matthew Curry of Wood Lands, Texas. 
He became an ordained Baptist minister on March 19, 2017 and became a pulpit supply preacher before becoming the pastor of Mifflin Baptist Church in Jan. 2018. He will be missed by so many! 
Our devotion this week: “Like Fire” – “‘Does not my word burn like fire?’ says the LORD. ‘Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces?’ (NLT) ( Jeremiah 23:29 )
“The Bible is a wonderful tool that we have been blessed with. It is God’s Word and direction to us. It can calm fears and convict heavy hearts. Are you staying tuned into what God has to say to you? Be faithful to the Lord and discover what His word can do in your life.”
Thank you for reading my news. I hope you got something out of it.
May God bless you everyone! 

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