News from the Deanburg Community of Chester County

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with Carolyn Goff

Greetings from Deanburg! Hope everyone has had a great week.
Prayer requested for Kristen Jones, Brianna Landers, Woodie Deming and Joyce Stewart. As always pray for our first responders, our law enforcement, our state, local and national leaders and our great nation. Our country is in bad shape, and it is very important that we know what our candidates stand for and vote accordingly. Pray every day that things will get better soon. Get out and vote May 3 for our local candidates. 
Happy belated birthday to Ken Price who celebrated his on April 22, Kayley Hopper on April 23 and Skye Julian and Bill Loftis on April 25. Happy birthday this week to Doris Pickett and Christy Julian on April 29 and Ethan Long and Michael Murley on May 3. May God bless each of you in the coming year. 
Deanburg Community reunion begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, April 30. Meal will be at noon with chicken, hot dogs, fried bologna and desserts to be contributed by members. There will be a silent cake auction. There will be games for the kids. Come out and join us especially Deanburg people that have moved away. All our local candidates are invited to come speak. 
Our devotion this week: “What Is In Your Heart?” – “‘You brood of snakes! How could evil men like you speak what is good and right? For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.’ (NLT) (Matthew 12:34)
“When we meditate on the good and beautiful around us; that is what comes out of our mouths. If we become fixated on evil, fear, negativity, and darkness then our speech will be filled with the wrong things. Store up good in your life so that when the pressure is turned up the message on your lips will be one that speaks of God’s faithfulness. We make wise investments when it comes to what we allow ourselves to consume.” From:
Have a great week. Keep smiling and thank God for each day! 

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