News from the Enville Community of Chester County

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with Jan Johnson

Hello from Enville! Hopefully, you all are enjoying this chilly week; as for me, I want the warmer temperatures back. These freeze warnings are not welcome. Old Man Winter needs to go on his merry way and make room for spring next week, which arrives on Monday, March 20. This week, St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, March 17. Be sure to wear green on this day. Leprechauns are the reason you are supposed to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or risk of getting pinched. The tradition is tied to folklore that says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, which like to pinch everyone they can see, so get that green on!
I hope everyone is adjusting to the new time. I know we will adjust well to it staying daylight later in the evenings. This is my favorite time. We are going to need to mow really soon. Our grass is green and kind of scraggly looking, so as soon as it dries up enough, we will get the mower ready to go! It is almost time to put out your hummingbird feeders. They say mid-to-late March is a good time to attract early migrants. Do not wait until you see your first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the spring, which may be well after the first ones arrive. I usually fill mine less than half full because you may have to change it before they actually arrive. I will be looking for them this spring! We love our hummingbirds!
Congratulations to our Chester County Eagles Basketball team; they advanced to the state tournament for the first time in the current TSSAA classification system. The last time was in 1958. The first state match-up will be at 1:15 p.m. March 14 against Ridgeway High School at MTSU in Murfreesboro. Congratulations and good luck, Chester County!
Enville sends out Happy Birthday wishes to Victoria Swafford and Sue Henson on March 17, Julie Ooley, Stephanie Middleton and Kelly Swafford on March 18, Ford Frank on March 20 and Leslie Maness Harris on March 22. Happy Anniversary to David and Lynda Milford on March 20. We hope you all enjoy your special day!
On our prayer list this week is Lisa Bishop, Tera O’Neal, Agnes Smith, Linda and Robert Johnson, Mary Lee Guyon, Janice and Danny Keen, Harold and Janice Maness, Nicole Thompson, Amanda Johnson, Emily Freeman, Ashley Pugh, Ann Pugh, Tim and Tabitha Hampton, Shirley Hampton, Della Mixon, Rick Ooley, Mike Pugh, Tim Harris, James Vinson, Loretta Plunk, Jimmy Robertson, Kathy Emerson, Joann Fowler, Dot Smith, our firefighters, first responders, law enforcement, healthcare workers, military, schools and school board, those with COVID and other illnesses and, as always, each other.
If you have news to share, call me at 608-3058, or if you want to rent the community center, call Pat at 688-5125. Have a blessed week everyone!

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