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with Gloria Holiday

Hello to everyone! Greeting from the City. The very first thing I would like to say is THANK YOU, Lord, for allowing us to see another week! For this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! The second thing I would like to say this week is thank YOU for taking the time to buy and read the Chester County Independent.
Well, it has come and gone! For some, it is one of the most exciting days in their lives. The City would like to say congratulations to our Chester County High School Class of 2022. You are more than a conqueror! To be a conqueror is tremendous. Conquer means “to triumph, to overcome, to win, to succeed or to be victorious.” The class of 2022 has shown that the victory is yours. You have made history, and the future is in your hands. Just remember that when all is lost the future still stands in front and is waiting for you. 
To the people of Henderson and the surrounding area, have you noticed there are a lot of new faces in our city? So many people have chosen our home town to live in. The other day, I was talking to a person who was so glad he had moved here. Most people move here because of the school system.
A big shout out to all of our school teachers! I know you are underpaid and overworked for the JOB you do. The city of Henderson does appreciate you for all of the hard work you have done.
The City wants to welcome Mr. Gary Gober; he is the new Southwest Head Start Director. He is coming from Northside Elementary. He was the Principal there in Hardin County. His new office is located in the Southwest HRA building, 1527 Whit Ave, Henderson TN. 38340. He took the place of Mrs. Karen Vinyard, the previous director. The staff from Head Start welcomes you to your new adventure, and may the Lord bless you! Head Start is still taking applications for the 2022-23 school year. For more information, you can call 989-5111 or go to the website
COME ONE, COME ALL! It is VBS time! J.P. Baptist Church located at 420 Fourth Street, Henderson, is hosting their VBS. It is scheduled from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, June 11. There will be lots of fun games, activities, food, fellowship and much more! When I was a child, I still remember how Aunt Ruth Hart and Mrs. Rachel Alexander would have all of the children in the community for VBS. We had so much fun at J. P. Baptist Church. I remember the orange push-ups and the grape popsicles. Great memories! Reverend Kelvin Cummings, pastor, is inviting you to come and bring your child, children, family and friends to this great VBS. For more information and for early registration, please contact Bro. Lee Taylor Jr. at 608-1931 or email him at
Do not forget that May 30 is Memorial Day. It is a holiday many of us spend doing family gatherings and backyard barbeques or enjoying a nice evening out with friends and family. Whatever you do for Memorial Day, remember to ask yourself this question: “Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?” The primary reason why people celebrate this special event is to commemorate the lives of U.S. soldiers and other military personnel who sacrificed their lives and died in honor of their country. Before, people celebrated this event in honor of the casualties of the American Civil War, when more than 600,000 soldiers – Union and Confederate – fell in battle. The entire country celebrates this event to honor all the Americans who have died while taking part in any kind of military action or war. 
Continue to pray for people that are in the hospitals, for the ones that are sick in their homes, for our children, teachers and families, for the men and women that are serving our country, for the incarcerated and for the bereaved families everywhere. As I leave you, please be safe and stay protected. Remember to patronize with our local businesses here in town; let us try to support our own as much as we can.
If you live in the City of Henderson and have news about your family, birthday, anniversary, announcements, and things happening in the City, I need to HEAR from you. Call me at 989-1907 and leave your message, or you may email me at

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