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with Gloria Holiday

Hello to everyone! It is me again, giving God the praise to be here with you one more week. First things first, thank you, Lord, for a new day, one that we have never seen before. I hope that you had a great week and that you will enjoy your Fourth of July. For my husband and me, July 3, 1987 was a very special day; this is the day the Lord blessed us with our fourth child, LaWanna. Her birthday is a blessing to us because this is another year the Lord has allowed her to be with us. Our daughter LaWanna is a survivor from cancer! Some of you may know that on Dec. 25, 2021 she was sick. LaWanna is doing great; she is getting stronger, and the Lord is blessing her. This young lady is a hero, and her faith is phenomenal. She will be 35 years old this year, too. God be the Glory! My family and I will always give the Lord praises for healing her body and enjoy the time we have together as a family. Today is a new day. I hope you take some time out and tell your family how much you love them because tomorrow may never come.
Now the month of June is almost gone, and July is just around the corner! The month of July marks the midway point of the year. It is also considered a month of fun! It is a favored month to take a vacation and spend time with family. On the Fourth of July, some will celebrate the 246 birthday for America. If you are a person who likes to send cards and have fun, July is your month. On July 1, it is International Joke Day, American Zoo Day, Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day and National Postal Worker Day; go ahead and make someone laugh, visit the zoo, create your own ice cream flavor and tell your postal person how much you appreciate them. July 2 is National I Forgot Day, so remember to celebrate! July 3 is International Plastic Bag Free Day, National Stay Out of the Sun Day and National Eat Beans Day. YES! I love any type of beans! July 4 is Independence Day, and July 5 is National Bikini Day and National Graham Cracker Day. July 6 is International Kissing Day and National Fried Chicken Day, and July 7 is Tell the Truth Day, National Strawberry Sundae Day and World Chocolate Day. July 8 is National Video Game Day and Unplug the Drama Day! Next week, I will have some more days to celebrate for the month of July.
Remember to have fun on the Fourth of July; also, remember to practice safety because COVID-19 has not gone. With a vaccine or no vaccine, always practice safety!
Congratulations to Mrs. Edna Johnson from your community – the City of Henderson! On June 24, there was a celebration at Southwest HRA for Mrs. Edna. She has worked for Southwest HRA for 40 years! She has served and helped many clients while working at SWHRA. The staff at SWHRA and your clients will miss you tremendously, and we thank you! We pray you will enjoy your retirement. You have earned it!
Well, another year has gone by, and guess who will be 71 years young on July 2? Let me tell you. He served his country for 20 years in the USMC, he retuned back to Henderson after retiring from the Marine Corps, he loves people, he loves to talk, he loves his family and he is one of the best school bus drivers here in Chester County! Yes! It is Henry Brown (we call him “Larry”), my BIG brother; so happy birthday from all of your sisters and brothers. We love you! Let us not forget that on July 9 he and his wife Jackie will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary! When you are having fun, time goes by fast. Happy Anniversary to you all and we hope you have many more. Remember: as I always say, “Keep the honey in the moon.”
For our birthday list this week, the City would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Margaret Bond, July 4; Sylvia Jones Jonson, July 5; Henrietta Kellum Lusk, July 5; Edna Johnson, July 8; Regina Kennedy, July 9; and Tania Hall, July 9. I pray the Lord will bless you with many more.
On the prayer list this week: Stanley Crooms, Jim Trice and Undrea Massengill, and let us continue to pray for our country, our soldiers, our police officers and anyone and everyone you know that needs prayer.
Remember to patronize with our local businesses here in town; let us try to support our own as much as we can. If you live in the City of Henderson and have news about your family, birthday, anniversary, announcements, and things happening in the City, I need to hear from you. Text me at 608-6132, or you may email me at

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