News from the Hickory Corner Community of Chester County

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with Dot Patterson

Greetings from Hickory Corner!
Ellna Roland Patterson recently hosted a birthday party held at her home for her sister Barbara Patterson Smith of Bartlett. Barbara is the youngest of the Patterson clan. Those attending included Barbara’s husband Glen, daughter Val Breault, sister Ann Morris, niece Janice and Johnie Schultz, niece Susan Shindall, niece Brenda Bishop, nephew Tony and Janya Roland and son and sister-in-law Dorothy Patterson. A potluck meal was served with lots of good food, and you can bet that lots of laughter took place. Barbara, I hope your year is filled with many blessings.
Today most of us ladies go shopping and buy new clothes to wear. Not that we need it, we want it. During the 1930s and 1940s especially during World War II, the motto was “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” was often heard, but for those who survived the depression it was more than just a phrase, it was a way of life for many. I sure think we waste a lot these days, although I will say there is much more recycling going around today than years ago. 
Well, the squirrels have done it again. They have been frolicking on my bird feeders again. They kept swinging until they damaged two of my feeders. I had to replace both of them. Does anyone like squirrel dumplings? Ha-ha, just kidding.
James and I got married Jan. 27, 1951, and as I sit here today and reminisce on our early days, I remember when…
In 1954, after James was discharged from the U.S. Army, we moved to Pekin, Ill., along with our little son Greg. James went back to work at Caterpillar. Our apartment was furnished, but the first thing on our list to buy was a television with a black panther on top. I remember the excitement of bringing that television home. Every Saturday night, we had company. The late Ervin and Estella Hurst lived across the hall from us, and Huey Ferguson and Suvella lived up the street. Estella and Suvella were sisters. James had known them all his life from back in the Hickory Corner Community. They knocked on our door every Saturday and Sunday night to watch Lawrence Welk, which was Huey’s favorite show. Of course, we watched Elvis with a whole lot of shakin’ going on. Kenneth and Udell Morton and wives lived in Peoria, and a few times they drove over to watch Elvis on television. I suppose we could have charged admission (ha), but we loved company, and they were like family to us. Precious memories, how they linger. Call me and share with us a special memory you have of days gone by.
Sympathy and prayers are extended to the family of Lila Elizabeth Patterson Robison who at the age of 74 passed away on Jan. 11. Lila is the sister to Donnie Patterson who lives in the Hickory Corner Community.
Remember in prayer Richy Butler, Ladelle Clark, Mildred Smith, Martha Autry, Ann Morrison, Bonice Martin, Peggy Whitman, Peggy Lar, William and Eddie Luttrell and Donna Lynch. Continue to pray for each other, our country and our world. If you would like to add or remove a name from our prayer list, please call me.
If you would like to rent the HCC Center for a special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
I really need your support for this article. Please call me with tidbits and news at 989-2215. You can share your vacations, birthday, anniversaries and much more I would love to hear from you.
Make it a great week.

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