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with Dot Patterson

Love was in the air Saturday evening at the HCCC. A group of about 50 celebrated Valentine’s Day with fun, food and fellowship. After a great meal, we had the Crowning of Royalty. Joe Holmes was crowned Mr. Valentine, and Shirley Morton was crowned Mrs. Valentine. Both were honored with a heart box of chocolates. Names drawn for other prizes included Wanda Cook, Shirley Morton, Cheryl Holmes, Kierra Staggs, Jerry Cook, Lonnie Morton, Donnie Patterson, Earl Clayton, Faithlynn Patterson, Frank Clayton, and Ruby Hannah. Nelson and Janice Weaver called bingo, and gifts were handed out with everyone going home with a prize. Philip Cranford tested our knowledge with trivia questions relating to Valentine’s Day, country western actors and western movies and handed out presents to those that were extra smart!
Walt and Ann Bennett enjoyed company last week. They had a nice visit with their grandson, Elliott, and his mother Marla from Columbia, Mo.
I have company again. My daughter Cindy and daughter-in-law Jo Ellen are here from Illinois. We are having a good visit, and they enjoyed attending the Valentine Party with me.
President’s Day will be celebrated Monday, Feb. 17. I recently read an article on President John F. Kennedy’s life prior to his presidency. It stated in 1943 Kennedy was a 26-year-old Navy Lieutenant out in the South Pacific in a P-109 torpedo boat patrolling the Solomon Islands when a Japanese destroyer rammed their boat slicing it in half. Two men aboard were killed, and Kennedy and 10 other survivors huddled together as their boat began to sink.
They were forced to swim to a nearby island, and Kennedy personally pulled one of the injured men using his teeth for five hours swimming through shark and crocodile infested waters to Plum Pudding Island. The men ate coconuts for several days in order to survive. Kennedy and another set out to find food and fresh water. Two natives from Solomon Island passed in a canoe, and Kennedy asked them to take a message to the Allied Forces. The dispatch was carved in a coconut shell: “NAURO ISL…COMMANDER…NATIVE KNOWS POS’IT…HE CAN PILOT..11 ALIVE..NEED SMALL BOAT..KENNEDY.
The islanders delivered the coconut, and the men were rescued injured, exhausted and hungry. Kennedy received the Navy and Marine Corps Medals for his efforts. Later, as a newly elected President, he received a gift from Judge Ernest Gibson, Jr., a colonel in the South Pacific during the war. It was the coconut he had carved his message into. Kennedy used it as a paperweight throughout his presidency, and it is now on display at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. Also, Plum Island is now known as Kennedy Island.
Happy Birthday to those with February birthdays: Nathan Clayton (2/15), Randall Jones (2/16), Gail Serrat (2/18), Anthony Cooper (2/19), Brad Garner (2/21) and Chuck Lane (2/22). l misplaced my birthday list, and it is difficult to recreate, so if I can add you to my birthday list, please call me.
As always, remember to pray for the sick. God knows every problem and every need.
If you would like to rent the HCC center for your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159. Please call me at 989-3315 with any tidbits and news you would like to share. It is difficult to write our community news without your help.
Spread some love this week.

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