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with Dot Patterson

Greetings from Hickory Corner!
Love is in the air! Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and friendship. Do not forget to let those in your life know how much they mean to you. It is not too late to buy some flowers, chocolates or a card, or you simply can make a phone call to them.
Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. Peggy Smith Patterson of Hickory Corner shares memories of her family. Peggy was born in Baltimore, Md., to Jack and Gladis Roland Smith. Her father, Jack, was stationed at the U.S. Naval Base in Baltimore. When Jack shipped out overseas in 1943, Gladis, baby Peggy, and her brothers, James Crowley and Maynard, came back home to Chester County on a train. Jack served on the USS Mobile and after serving two years he received his discharge in late 1945. Afterwards, he came back home to Chester County, and his family settled around the Laurel Hill community. Peggy has one sister, Barbara Weaver, and brothers, Maynard, James Crowley, Douglas and Glenn. Peggy said that, like many others during that time, her family had milk cows, hogs and chickens. They picked blackberries for jam and jellies and dried apples for fried pies. Her family cured ham and canned sausage to last through the winter and made kraut in a churn. She recalls they grew peanuts and popcorn that lasted through the winter. Peggy remembers her mom laboring over a hot stove during the summer canning jams, jellies and vegetables. Peggy’s husband, Wayne, has a wonderful garden every year, and Peggy stays busy canning and freezing in the summer. I can tell you that Peggy makes the best coconut cake ever. Thank you, Peggy, for tidbits.
I am sure blessed, as I had another meal delivery. On Sunday, Pam Durbin brought me a catfish meal from Top of the River. What a nice surprise, and I sure enjoyed it. Bless you, Pam, for thinking of me and making my day. “Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – Barbara De Angelis
Feb. 12 is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. I am sure you know Lincoln was our 16th President, is on the penney, is famous for his Gettysburg Address and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, but do you know that Lincoln loved cats? According to an article I recently read, Secretary of State William Seward gave Lincoln two cats which he named Tabby and Dixie. He once fed Tabby underneath the table during a formal dinner at the White House, and later his wife told him it was shameful for him to do so. Lincoln replied, “If the gold fork was good enough for former President James Buchanan, I think it is good enough for Tabby.” He was often seen holding and talking to his cats.
Remember in prayer Arlan Porter, Ann Bennett, Richy Butler, Ladelle Clark, Mildred Smith, Martha Autry, Ann Morrison, Bonice Martin, Peggy Whitman, Jim Ruth, W.T. Roland, Peggy Lard, William and Eddie Luttrell and Donna Lynch. Please continue to pray for those who are dealing with COVID and other sicknesses. If you would like to add or remove a name to the prayer list, please call me. Our community expresses sympathy to the family of Floyd Wamble and all others who have recently lost loved ones.
If you would like to rent the HCC center for your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
As always, I need your help in writing this column. Please call me at 989-3315 with any news or tidbits you would like to share.
“Your constant companion, pray without ceasing, God hears what you say. from the moment you rise to the close of the day. Don’t think for a moment that he turns a deaf ear, trust and have faith and you will never know fear.” Helen Parker
Make it a great week!

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