News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Endings are also beginnings. Starting now is a new year. I need to accept what’s gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.”
Sympathy extended to the families of Edward Albert TwarDokus, Jr. (11-18-42 to 1-3-20) – no local service; Lesli Carmel Cole Holland (1-14-76 to 1-4-20), who was a 1994 Lexington High School graduate – Celebration of Life at Jacks Creek Community Church of Christ Thursday; and Timmy M. Lyles (8-28-58 to1-5-20), who was a 1976 Chester County High School graduate – Gravel Hill in Eastview McNairy County.
We love, we hurt but we must go on with life and positive attitudes. Mourning is normal, but if you do not let go, that means you are left behind and lonely. Nothing is more unsettling than to be around a “gloomy, depressing and negative” person. It is our duty to help those in mourning, but we must guide them gently, so they will not be left alone.
“On the Wings of a Dove” takes much time to compile. Don has started typing the list. If you kept the Jan. 2, 2020, newspaper list, you can add this information for obits – Richard “Rick” Langendorf (8-11-53/12-17-19); Terry Cox (6-14-57/12-19-19); Gary “Dub” Parrott (6-33-53/12-20-19); and Skylon Clinton Lively (7-7-43/12-16-19). Also, add three friends who died in 2019 –Jerome Rayne Hurst (2-28-35/12-24-19); Daniel Hughes Moore (4-26-34/12-25-19); and Carolyn Jean Cable Potter (12-12-35/12-26-19). If deceased have no obit, their names can not be listed. Please consider using the complimentary obit, so your loved ones will be listed with birth and death dates – it is a final hug saying, “Not forgotten as long as a name is written or spoken.”- P.N. Jones.
Tenderly remember – Elaine Latham Hatch (12-26-12); Bill McCall (1-3-13); Danny Brown (1-15-14); Carl Tignor (12-22-14); Johnny Bray (1-2-15); Allene Ward (1-14-16); LaTasha Phillips (1-5-17); Robert Naylor (1-8-17); Kay M. Arnold (1-8-17); Robert Waller (1-10-17); Claude Gardner (12-31-17); Harry Burkhead (1-4-18); Jerry Jones (1-3-18); and LurleneHysmith (1-13-18).
Prayer requested for Brent Hodges; Leon Carroll; Mike Tignor; and Lois (James) Smith, who lost her twin sister, Betty Joyce Swope Taylor (8-19-40 to 12-24-19).
Three yesteryear weathers – Jan.13, 2013 – 5.5 inches of rain. The next three days schools were closed due to freezing rain; Jan. 5, 2014 – arctic cold blast; and Jan. 9, 2015 – three inches of snow.
We need to continue praying for our dear U.S.A., leaders and military recently sent overseas. The world seems unsettled. Things are changing. Our country fought in many wars for freedom. Do not forget the U.S. is based on God, prayers and quotes – In God We Trust, God Bless America, Remember Our Military – The National Anthem and The Pledge of Allegiance. Stay strong. God is watching us. Do right. He is in control, not man in ANY country.
Australia is in a state of emergency! The U.S.A. has generously given to Allies and suffering people in all regions. We are a blessed nation to have FREEDOM earned by soldiers to do as we believe. The computer pictures show such frightening scenes. Fire! Fast-moving. Where do they go, which direction, smoke being inhaled, ambers shooting out and heat waves. Trees that feed koalas are burned with many koala who had climbed high to be safe, but tragically, fires reached them. About seven to 12.35 million acres have burned so far. About 23 lives and half a billion mammals, birds and reptiles died. Some rare plants are gone forever. Some species are now lost forever, never to return. Eight thousand slow-moving koalas (one-third of their population) died so far, and 30 percent of their habitat is gone. Fire season has started months early with no end in sight. They expect two more months of this extreme event. They need more firemen and equipment. Animals need medical help, but offices are overwhelmed. Help is needed from every nation that can help.
My friends and I wear FAKE fur. I received an email concerning Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. It is an American chain of luxury department stores owned by Neiman Marcus Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas; the CEO is Geoffroy Van Raemdonck. Animal fur coats, hats and trinkets are being designed specifically for children: fox fur headband (sourced from China), goat fur vest and coyote fur trim on bomber jackets. Each year, millions of innocent animals are needlessly skinned alive, electrocuted and bludgeoned to death to produce fur coats, hats and trinkets. The conditions these animals live in are so deplorable that at times their malnourishment leads to cannibalism. Please buy FAKE fur. If you want the email, call 989-7485. I keep a watchful eye on how countries treat their animals. I sign every petition they send. I love elderly, children and animals.
Some irresponsible pet owner in Jacks Creek had their cat declawed. Now the cat is trying to find a new home before enemies attack. Why would anyone put a helpless animal out of the house? Call 989-7485 if you desire an inside cat. Declawing is like cutting off the first section of your fingers!
Elvis and Raford Nobles are celebrating Jan. 8 birthdays in heaven with Harry Brown. Several inches of rain are coming – shake rattle and roll, Daddy.
2020 VISION – “Life is like a camera…Focus on what’s important – capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”

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