News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“I loved life, I lived and loved. I died and love continues. Honor the love more than the loss. I am healed.”
Sympathy to the families of Cameron Shawn Preslar (10-10-76 to 2-4-20) from Enville; Joseph Cabell Jett III (8-25-35 to 2-4-20); Joanne Mary Zielewicz Dietrick (1-12-48 to 2-7-20) – committal in Pennsylvania; Theresa Marie Mayfield McKinnie (11-17-26 to 2-7-20); and Bonnie Larry Woody (8-6-37 to 2-6-20), served in US Navy after graduating from Chester County High School Class of 1956. Don enjoyed serving on the Henderson Fire Department with him. Big smile, loved jokes, dancing eyes and loved his family are our memories. “Squeak” take care of his loving wife; continue handling with love and care – it would make his smile wider. Also, actor Kirk Douglas (12-9-1916 to 2-5-2020), age 103. He had Murdell Barker following his lead. She will be 101 on Feb. 19. Her son, Joel McCall turned 81 on Feb. 4.
Seven Birthdays – Johnny Hayes turns 62 on Feb. 13, and Andy Maness and Abe Lincoln have Feb. 12 birthdays. Billy Dickson celebrates Feb. 16. Presidents’ Day is Feb. 17, and George Washington’s birthday is Feb. 22. Also, Nick Shelton, son of Phyllis McEarl will celebrate his 27th birthday in heaven on Feb. 18.
Three Prayers – Johnny Hayes; Betty Burris; and Sheila Cox. Family requests cards for encouragement. Call me for address – 989-7485.
FIRST Valentine’s card we received has a big surprise waiting for the sender on Friday! “LOVE = Learning – Observing – Valuing – Encouraging” – Honk if you like our heart lights. The inflatable bear shows love to Patrolman Jimmy “Bear”Ruth.
A lady called to inform me that she was a contributor to Loving Paws. If you have contributed in memory of Dusty or your pet, let me know (989-7485). I have plans for din-din. Loving Paws is our only rescue. Can you send a donation to help? What would our pet population be without her?
Monarch Butterflies are in serious trouble. Cindy ordered me “milkweeds” that Monarchs love and need. Call NOW to ask Cindy to order yours. Butterflies are pollinators. We need them, and they need us. Zinnias and other flowers are great for pollinators, so ask Cindy. Without pollinators, man would live a short time. There would be no crops to gather. Food in stores, freezers, pantries and government commodities would be what we had to depend on for five years. Population in the U.S. is 327 million. Livestock and wildlife would die. Plan and think wisely.
Rachael Bale, ANIMALS Executive Editor says, “Protecting nature and its wildlife has been dangerous work. Park rangers are up against rebel militia groups and poachers. Conservationist face wildlife traffickers, illegal and legal miners and loggers, big business interests in agriculture.” Global Witness found at least three environmental defenders were killed a week on average in 2018. More than half of those deaths were in Latin America. Most recently, two men involved with El Rosario monarch butterfly reserve in Mexico were found dead in a week.
Photographer Jaime Rojo, a National Geographic Society grantee who specializes in monarch butterflies, said that the local environmentalists were under pressure by loggers and drug cartels, who want to expand farming fields. “Doing conservation at a local scale is often a very complex thing…But the challenges that the monarch butterfly sanctuaries are clear – illegal logging and encroaching plantations of avocados are often controlled by gangs of drug cartels.” Rojo explains why their work is so important: “The migration of the monarch butterflies is more than just a natural phenomenon. It is a symbol that unites citizens in three countries. Despite the evident challenges, it is a story of hope and cooperation beyond borders.” We must do our part for pollinators. Surely you notice species that are rare to see.
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) works hard. I sign all requests to help. Membership is only $16 yearly. Remember last week’s plea about Loomis Brothers Circus touring Alabama? I am disturbed that Loomis Brothers Circus continues to exploit animals in its shows at a time when public support for animal performances is eroding. “Megu” was hit in jaw with bull hook while lying down; “Kosti” was hit in the face with bull hook; and “Okha” was forced to perform in mud. PETA and supporters are making a huge difference. Ringling Brothers circus shut down, Circus Pages closed, Cole Brothers Circus stopped touring, Stardust Circus dropped its elephant act and Kelly Miller Circus dropped its animal acts. Loomis circus has certainly felt the pressure, too, such as when the Highlands County Fairgrounds canceled shows after hearing from thousands of local residents and compassionate people across the nation concerned about the cruel acts – examples later.
2020 VISION – “If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I love you.” Happy V-Day to my love.

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