News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains.”
Listed are Chester County men who made the ultimate sacrifice by shedding their blood for us! We owe them the sound of bells ringing for the many FREEDOMS we have in the U.S.A. Always show respect to the war memorial on Henderson Court House lawn. World War I – Monty Allen, Joshua Buckingham, Earl Cooper, Hampton Cooper, Curry Cupples, Charley Davis, Dolphus Deming, Dennis Fields, Joe Findley, James Gaddy, Amos Haltom, Isaac Massengill, Scott Robinson and Fred Rowland; Korean War – Eugene Cox, Ray Dunn and Harold Rhodes; World War II – Bennett Allen, Joseph Anderson, John Arnold, Thomas Barber, Hughie Bishop, Isaac Brown, J.T. Cawthon, W.C. Christopher, Gordan Cox, John Griffin, Edgar Holder, Robert Holder, William Holmes, John Hubbard, William Kinchen, Wade King, C.B. Latham, James Wilson Lee, Floyd Lindsey, K.D. Lowrance, Jr., Hobert Maness, Edison Marsh, Kenneth McCanless, Willie Morris, Kirk Mount, Don O’Neal, James Priddy, John Ramer, Neal Ratliff, Hubert Rhodes, Herman Scott, J.L. Smith, Roy Smith, Floyd Snider, Elmo Tarpley, George Wallace, Floyd Wilson, Lloyd Wilson, Oliver Wilson, Jr., Woodrow Wood and Robert Wood, Jr.; Vietnam War – Charles Crowe, Dale Hollowell, Dannie Jacobs and Dennis Taylor; Career Service – Frankie Naylor, Gene Parrish and J.T. Peddy; and Gulf War – Dustin Adkins and Judson Mount. God bless these fallen men and their families. Don was named in honor of his Uncle Don O’Neal from Enville. The community worked for a bridge to be named in his honor.
Sympathy is expressed to the families of Larcie Lee Stewart Kirk (1-11-33 to 5-19-20), son of Lenzi Kirk from Jacks Creek – Henderson City Cemetery; Sherry Kay Morton (8-4-61 to 5-14-20), from Chester County High School Class of 1979 – Cave Springs; Jerry Dean Harwell (4-26-41 to 5-17-20), from CCHS Class of 1959 and served in U.S. Army – Milledgeville; John William Easton, Jr. (2-13-34 to 5-21-20) – incomplete; and Josephine Hoover Caniciamilla (8-1-41 to 5-24-20), lived in Jacks Creek for three years.
Prayer requested for Buddy Stovall; Jean Hudson; Kristen Daniel in Memphis Hospital; Stevie and Carrie Daniel; Tony and Kay Wamble; Steve and Dorothy Daniel; Cynthia Clayton Dismuke and Norece Lenon; and families of Roselyn Roberts and Tyler Stablein.
Decoration Day was colorful Sunday at Unity. Many graves were still decorated regardless of the “C-Virus.” There were various shows of love in creative ways. The day was a mixture of smiles, air hugs and kisses and tears. Loved ones not forgotten as long as a name is spoken or written. Friends shared memories, so it was good. You can still send needed checks to Unity Cemetery Fund to help in the care of the cemetery. Send check marked for cemetery fund to Unity Cemetery Fund, PO Box 183, Jacks Creek, TN 38347.
May 21 – Wuhan China has banned the eating and almost all hunting of wild animals. If properly enforced, there is a potential to save countless lives. What is wrong with veggies without meat?
Thank you, Rachel, for requesting donkey email. It was nice talking to you later. Anyone can request these animal emails to be forwarded by calling 989-7485 or emailing
Bees are now recognized as citizens in Costa Rica in a suburb called Curridabat. The community will create green spaces, reforestation and bio-corridors all which help pollinators survive and humans thrive because of bees, hummers, butterflies and bats. Other countries are encouraged to commit to environmentalism and wildlife conservation. Have you noticed the few butterflies, bees and hummers in our flowers and gardens? We need them, and they need us. Plant more flowers (shade and sun) for them to pollinate for us. We can not make it without them. Gardens and farmers crops will be hit hard. Food will be in demand. God created every living thing on this earth. He had a purpose, so do not rock our planet. Praise Him and pray to Him. He is in control. He hears our every word.

2020 VISION: “What we think we become.” – Buddha

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