News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“It’s odd, isn’t it? People die every day and the world goes on like nothing happened. But when it’s a person you love, you think everyone should stop and take notice.” – Kristina McMorris

Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Owen Edward McKinney (7-23-34 to 7-15-20), who served in U.S. Navy and lived in Five Points – private committal; Richard Neal Brewer (10-28-35 to 7-17-20), who was from Chester County High School Class of 1953 and beloved daddy to Sheila Watkins. Almost every time I saw him, he would thank us for kindnesses done toward his adored child. Mr. Neal was a nice friendly man who will be greatly missed – Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery; Marjorie “Marg” Marie RochonKaster (3-24-28 to 7-17-20) from Enville; Maerene Gary Campbell (1-14-21 to 7-17-20), who was from CCHS Class of 1941. She was the wife of Dr. Orman who took good care of many eyes – private committal; and Samuel Grantham (5-29-32 to 7-19-20), husband of the late Shirley Ann Nobles – graveside services at Unity Cemetery.
Notable John Robert Lewis (2-21-40 to 7-17-20), a strong civil rights leader and American politician. He was one of 13 “Freedom Riders” who rode the bus to Alabama. Chester County man Jim Ruth drove a Trailway bus to Nashville then to Jackson, Miss., in 1962 for Freedom Riders. Later, Jim was honored for his action and not being prejudiced. He wants to share his number if anyone wanted to call – 901-688-3358. He lives in a Covington Healthcare and is shut in his room 24 hours a day, which includes three meals served there. That “C-Virus” is evil to mankind. Wonder if essential oils – oregano, clove or thieves – would help?
Continued prayers for Kristen Daniel; Bobby Ruth; Judy Davis; Mrs. Junior (Frances) Ada; Murdell Barker; Sharon Boothe; and Regina East. Also, loving thoughts to Imogene Fitts; Melbern Jones; Janice and Tommy Patterson; G.W. and Nancy Rush; Danny Ross; Jean Tignor’s granddaughter, Amy; Terry and Doris Ross; Willis and Jean Hudson; Buddy and Alice Stovall; and Karen Malone.
Happy wedding anniversary to Jerry and Betty Newman (7-22-66) who are having a “happy meal on wheels” brought to them; Charles and Ruth Webb (7-27-63) will dine on their large screened in porch with social distancing. Taze and Nancy Lofton have a 56th wedding anniversary soon.
Happy birthday to Bladen Hooper (7-26-05). Will he get a driver’s permit?
Tenderly remember – Gathel Latham (7-18-17); and her daughter, Linda Stanford (6-24-20); Ozell Kelley (7-22-17); Randi Bulliner Rich (7-24-17); Pam Wood (7-19-18); and Larry Rhodes (7-16-19); Don’s parents – Travis Jones (7-26-15) and Robbie O’Neal Jones (7-30-16); Gayle Cochran Shield (7-23-48); also Happy Birthday (7-23-32) in heaven to “Aunt” Jimmie McAdams – what a storyteller! Also, my parents, Raford and Bobbie Nobles will celebrate their anniversary in heaven on July 24 (1948). Juanita Waller responded to their anniversary being listed last week. Juanita said, “Robert Waller was the best thing that God ever gave to me.” Also, cousins share July 22 birthdays, Karen Jones Shumate and Debbie Bailey Smith. One can bake the cake while the other creates the icing.
Many thanks to Jerry and Betty Newman for all special acts of love on our 50th Anniversary. Many balloons were anchored on the buffet, including three gold with sparkles on the buffet side. We dressed formally for the event. We dined with a lace tablecloth, white dishes to show off steak, mashed potatoes, English peas, butter beans, a fresh salad, good cornbread and an ice cream cake. Betty requested patriotic décor on top — Don loves his country, and she sliced the cake. Her finger’s new nickname is “Smurf”…figure it out.
A most pleasant surprise was Mary Randolph Curtis’s gift arrived. We opened it at the Newman’s home with Mary on the phone. Gosh, what a story about the UPS man calling to ask for our physical address. An OLD talking woman asked me for my physical address. I was reluctant to tell her, but a man asked for the phone. I told him due to a box he wanted to deliver. Mary called later to apologize for ruining the surprise. My goodness, the old (oops) woman WAS Mary! I did not recognize her voice. Ha-ha. Mary selected GOLD gifts – gold dinner and dessert dishes, gold caramel candy; gold chain; 50 cents on two cards (one from Mary and one from Hoss LaCross); and gold toilet paper in white.
Friends, thanks for cards, gifts, flowers, notes, veggies in a unique homemade paper basket, emails and phone calls. You all made it a happier day. I would have loved to have had a picture remake of the 1970 wedding party, but two are gone. That makes it different. I would really love to have a picture remake of the flower girl (Cheryl Thrasher) and ring boy (Richie Goodwin). Of course only kids have changed in appearances.
Pay attention to Pat. Tennessee is in the RED virus zone! TWO people wore masks Sunday at the dollar store. Are you comfortable being around others not masked? Would you want to be around a person sneezing? I sniffed black pepper on my tomatoes. I let out 12 loud sneezes at home, but I think I could clear a store. Jackson requires masks from employees and shoppers. Jackson and maybe Lexington are having virtual learning. Can Chester County have options? When I was young, school was dismissed six weeks for cotton picking.
Two Tidbits: July 20, 1969 – Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Remember? “That’s one small step for Man; one giant leap for mankind.” He was 239,000 miles from earth and traveled eight days, three hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds. It was an exciting time for my generation and my parents. Sad that kids ignore space flights. Bet their thumbs can find it on their i-Pads. If I tattooed my thumbs with eyes, could I learn to use those electronic things? I got left behind in technology, but I can cook with my hands – that is not too far from the thumbs! Maybe I can try again with a student’s guidance; and July 27, 1953 – Korean War ended.

2020 VISION: “Don’t let what you cannot do – interfere with what you can do.” – John Woods

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