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News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“The beauty of nature helps you to feel hope again…a hope that the world can deliver happiness as well as sorrow.” – unknown

Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Bobby Roy Horn (6-11-41 to 8-17-20); Sandra Paulette Smith Whitman (4-28-44 to 8-21-20), bus driver and Chester County High School graduate – Cave Springs; and Michael Wright Haithcoat (12-13-46 to 8-22-20), served in US Army Signal Corp, beloved husband of Janice Arnold, good daddy of Jeffery and Rebecca and Mike was former owner of City Drug.
Tenderly recall friends Harry Brown (8-20-17); Troy Swafford (8-4-18); Amos Page (8-16-18); Tilly Hogancamp (8-31-18); Larry Van Bailey, Sr. (8-28-18).
The prayers requested for Murdell Barker are working! She has received 140 prayers as of Aug. 24. She is attempting to sit up and eat lightly. Her generation is tough, and aren’t we happy? Keep prayers and cards going because cards will motivate Murdell, age 101.6, to reach age 102 for a super birthday party. Prayers to Murdell; she is loved and known all over as Joel McCall’s “Mur.” She is my last thought before retiring and the first thought when I awaken. Bless the two grandkids here – Marva and Mollie – and those who are away. Their prayers travel fast, and I know they warm Murdell.
Continued prayers are requested for Kristen Daniel; Peggy Wadley; Betty Burress; Phyllis Cochran Knolton; Waymon Morris Family; Willis Hudson Family; Tommy and Janice Patterson; Terry Ross Family and G.W. Rush Family; and Dwain Seaton, Jr. I was thinking about those who did not know I am thinking of them, and I asked God to keep them peaceful as they sleep — Kenneth Clement; Rebecca Vineyard; Louise Clenney; Emma Hopkins Ross; Mrs. Cecil Croom; Mrs. Wilburn Stone; Mrs. Jesse Hudson; Fran Bailey; Liz Kinchen; Inez Cash; Mae Goodwin; Sue Wright; Jim Ruth; Johnny Hayes; Jean Wiggins; Lisa Davis Bell; Jennifer Evans; Annie Finley; Judy Jones; Geralene Thompson; and Candy Fall (facing the hurricanes, Laura and Marko) and others who snore! Ha-Ha!
Remembering Phyllis C. Knolton on her Aug. 21 birthday. Thinking of Francis Ada; she had an Aug. 16 birthday. Greetings to Mary Harris and Julia Webb Parchman. David Parchman had an August birthday, too. Ricky and Kathy Tignor Belew survived 50 years and did not age a year this August (1970).
Don and I married July 17, 1970. We have not aged a year either!!!! Surely that isn’t a “GOLDEN” anniversary. Time goes fast, but we are not as fast. What does “golden” mean?
Regina Brooks is expecting another “golf trophy” for Mike and her Aug. 28, 1988 anniversary. Regina paid for a flight from Arizona for her new addition on Aug. 15. Cody, a white bouncing one year old poodle, is active, loves his new kennel and is eager to play with Eli. Cody can never replace Abby, but he needed rescuing, so Regina did the right thing. They bonded and love each other already. He is faster than a bullet. Hope Regina takes some “Vitamin Cody” to keep up with him. Her birthday is Sept. 8.
Also, my cat Perry has a new playmate next door. His name is Biddie Webb. They play and chase. My cat goes out early and waits for Biddie to come out of the screened-in porch. Sometimes she goes to the porch door. I love that.
Virus is going up, up, but NOT away. You are NOT listening to Pat. I feel like I am in school again. Concerning the COVID-19 virus, as of Aug. 10, there were 221 Chester County cases. As of Aug. 23, there were 333 cases. I am assigning a copy to those who do not listen to Miss Pat. Write “I will wear a mask to protect myself and my family and friends” as many times as it takes to sink into your head. Henderson County as of Aug. 23 has 788 cases. Let’s get those numbers down, and we can. Let’s compete like our former ball games! If we believe – we can do it by next issue.
A friend shared two important readings about COVID-19. One contains a huge help for those WITH the virus. Please read from your computer (Covidsilverbullet.com), print and share. Also, look on YouTube for Dr. Richard Bartlett. He is a doctor in Texas and has NOT lost ONE patient with this virus! These two sites tell you all about it. For you who do not have a computer, I listed the health helpers. We are in this together. Inform all your friends. We have to help to slow this virus. Wear masks and wash hands.
Ask your doctor about these five helpers and share the above sites – extra Vitamin C, extra zinc, coated 81mg aspirin, clarithromycin and breathing treatment of budesonide. We do not want to lose any more family or friends. Show your doctor. Get educated.
War tidbits: World War II ended 9-2-45. Forty-one WWII Chester County soldiers died. U.S.A. deaths was 419,400 and there were 70-85 million deaths worldwide. Freedom isn’t free. This was 75 years ago. Veterans are fading fast. Melbern Jones is 95 and has a good war memory. He and his brothers fought in the war, and all returned home. Always show soldiers/veterans respect. It is due for what they endured for us. Do not allow negative comments to enter or stick in your mind. We do not want socialism. We want freedom always. Do not leave our Heavenly Father out of the equation either. Pray to Him. He hears every prayer. He sees every tear. He will help us through troubled times.
Animal tidbit: The Republic of Congo imprisoned a poacher called “Guyvanho.” He headed a team since 2008 in Nouable—Ndoki National Park. They killed 500 elephants for ivory tusks. He was imprisoned for five years. In 2018 he escaped prison and killed eleven additional elephants. How do you teach people elephants are needed? Ask your librarian to order Billy, The Extraordinary Elephant Who Escaped the Big Top. The book will open your eyes. You will never go to a zoo or circus. Billie lives in Tennessee.
Do not forget to come to Tractor Supply Saturday. We want to express our appreciation to Carol Preuss at Loving Paws for the birthday bash. She has been helping rescue OUR unwanted and abused furry friends for many years. Will you be so kind and thoughtful to make a donation in memory or honor of your furry friend? Dusty and I would really appreciate it and seeing you, too. Just air hugs and smiles with a donation to show your support. Wear a mask or chance a collar around your neck or being put into a kennel! Ha-Ha! Thanks dear friends for your support.

2020 VISION: “She believed she could so she did.” – R.S. Grey

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