News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Because someone we love is in Heaven – There’s a little bit of Heaven in our home.”
Our community expresses sympathy to five families losing loved ones at the end of 2020 – Joseph Edward Vandiver (2-14-28 to 12-25-20) – no services; James Allan Johnson (7-25-53 to 12-27-20) – Memorial in Northern IL; John Everett Ayers (1-3-53 to 12-29-20) – Celebration of Life; James Sidney Wilson, Jr. (1-1-40 to 12-31-20), celebrated his birthday on New Year’s Day in Heaven – Private Lakeside service; James Randall Mount (9-19-48 to12-31-20), was a 1966 Chester County High School graduate. My daddy held Randall in his heart due to his daddy, James Kirk Mount, not returning from World War II. Father and Son never met on earth, but what a beautiful thought we have in thinking about their heavenly reunion! Mary Randolph Curtis was sad she could not drive to the funeral from Nashville, but her heart was with the family as she watched the hour of the funeral. God bless cousins who care. Mattie Sue Mount and Maggie Randolph were close cousins. They loved Randall – Chester County Memory Gardens.
Although these five deaths ended the year 2020, five more deaths followed into the New Year – Norman Taylor Ward (5-7-35 to 1-1-21) – Big Spring; Christie Doreen Morris Pugh (2-16-52 to1-2-21), attended Jacks Creek School and was a good friend of Vickie Dickson. She graduated from CCHS Class of 1970. She became a dedicated teacher. I ended up with her Chester County Junior High School classroom. She left good paperwork for a new teacher to help get started. Christie’s parents were a priority in her life, a very close, Christian family. Her daddy, Waymon, was a bus driver. Her mother, Faye, always had a giggle in her laugh and a great personality. Betty Tucker Richardson lives beside them and just does not age. Lounell Morris Grissom loves this family. Ashley and Phyllis will pull together to help all – Roby; Bertha Ophelia Geary Crowe (10-8-49 to 1-2-21); Jimmy Jarrett Sedberry (4-19-44 to 1-3-21) – Silerton; and Julia Jean Beecham Hudson (9-4-40 to 1-3-21), beloved wife of Willis Hudson. They sat side-by-side in their two joined chairs, indicating the closeness and many happy anniversaries shared. They worked, played and prayed together. They did many acts of kindness unknown to the receiver. Jean bought many dishes at FHC Associate sale to give to those in need, or if a home burned, she took a box of those goodies! They had a garden, so together they canned and put packages into the freezer. Their home, yard, car and clothing were neat and clean. Jean was a classy dresser, and those nails looked like they could model for Avon! Willis looked good to match his partner! Love was the ingredient that held them together. Paffords in charge – Roby.
Also, I desire to include the death of Dr. William Slaton Evans II (1-4-29 to 11-15-20). He was known at Enville, Holly Springs, Pinson and other Methodist churches as Brother Bill. You can read his obit at Curry Funeral Home in Dyersburg. He lived in Lexington area, but his family is in Fairview Cemetery. Beautiful words for a beautiful spirit. His favorite scripture – “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” – Psalm 27:13Brother Bill was a man who showed his love for God, Family and Friends. He had a smile that showed pearly white teeth. That smile beckoned you to his side. Brother Bill was a good man who saw the best in people. When I introduced myself as Patsy Nobles Jones, his face was joyful. He loudly expressed his love for my family he met at church – Larry Nobles, Ruby Nobles Wright, LaTasha Phillips and children, Teisha and Nick. I felt that love and enjoyed meeting him at the many activities he attended. He was loved; and he preached the word of God for about 60 years. Jack and Tara O’Neal respected him. They can tell many humorous stories. Isn’t it great to be remembered with a positive thought and smile?
Prayer requested for Mike Brooks’ sister, Carolyn Sue Armstrong. We remember Kristen Daniel, Imogene Fitts, Regina East, Francis Ada and Mary Harris. Special hugs to a good daddy, Charles Malone, Prince Charles. He lost his daughter, Karen, Nov.22.
We have three New Year babies in Jacks Creek. One is in heaven celebrating his 68th birthday (James Crowe); one has a toe touching 88 banana peelings; and the other is offering an additional 70 peelings to Ralph Mays! She chooses to remain the unknown on Highway 22. Happy birthday to my friends and a cousin in heaven.
“On the Wings of a Dove” will list 250 obits from 2020. This is a labor of love. If you see a boo-boo, call 989-7485. I tried hard to do a good job, so we can remember, “Not forgotten as long as a name is spoken or written.” – Patsy Nobles Jones
The first death of 2020 was Edward Twardokus; last death, Randall Mount; oldest person, Murdell Barker, age 101.6 months; lost four on Christmas Day; one was born on Valentine Day; two repeated obits in different issues; and trust me – each name listed is typed with care, some with tears, some with a long pause for precious memories to hug my very soul, and I believe most readers will cherish seeing their loved ones names one more time – someone cares, so pass it on. We can do an act for some above going through a “first” or from the 2020 obit list. Show you care.
2021: SOMEONE CARES (Pass it on)…In the early fifties, polio was a national scourge. The epidemic peaked in 1952; there were nearly 58,000 cases, with more than 3,000 deaths and some 21,000 people left paralyzed, most of them children. The next year Jonas Salk announced his polio vaccine. The first volunteer to test it had been Bill Kirkpatrick, a teenage polio patient (someone who had already contracted polio would not get the disease again if something went wrong). Bill recovered from polio and graduated from Franklin and Marshall College and became a minister in the Episcopal Church. His daddy wrote, “Whether you become a doctor or a minister, I know your one concern will be to relieve suffering, to bring help and cheer to those in need. Your mother and I are very proud of you.” from “His Son’s Brave Battle to Recover from Polio Bolstered a Father’s Faith” by T. W. Kirkpatrick (

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