News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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Patsy Nobles Jones

“People must die, but death cannot kill their names.”
Sympathy is extended to five families – Donald Lynn Cathey (9-18-40 to 1-9-21) – Old Friendship; Gary Rubin “Rube” Patterson (5-31-53 to 1-7-21) – Cave Springs; Jean Ross Deming (12-1-22 to 1-6-21), a Sunday school Methodist Church teacher – Bolivar Memorial; Larry Wayne Barker (1-6-39 to 1-6-21), celebrated his 82nd birthday in heaven – Montezuma; and Shirlene Gregory Lyles (10-5-53 to 1-10-21) – Sweetlips Cemetery.
“On the Wings of a Dove” was published last week. If you find boo-boos, let me know. If you do not use the names and dates as reminders of those who passed away, will you save it for me? I share with others. Wasn’t the pet calendar darling? Buy a few extras January or February gifts. Insert your family and pets’ birthdays.
Prayer is requested for Anita Rhodes Ross and Willis Hudson. The zip code for Huron (38345) is their area. To help all of us with easier mailing. I will type the zip codes that surround us. I received a return Christmas card – it makes you sick when you go to the time to write and send – then it is stamped like Elvis sings, “Return to sender; address unknown.”
We went to the Jacks Creek Dollar Store Thursday of last week. I sat in the car so disappointed. I counted 12 people entering without a mask about 5:30. There is a sign on each door, but they are not called down to put on masks or one can be furnished. No wonder the virus spreads. How many times do community writers have to write to tell GROWN adults to do right?! There are many people with health issues. You are gambling with THEIR lives. That is NOT right. Are you going to pay half the funeral?
Would you consider sharing an act of kindness that shows someone cares? I will share it with readers with or without your name. The year 2021 needs to show someone cares to lift spirits.
2021 Someone Cares: A vet and her aunt noticed a butterfly fluttering erratically. The vet gently captured the beautiful butterfly; a fourth of one wing was missing. The vet gathered surgery items – scissors, contact cement and a napkin cut to the size of the missing wing. With God given hands, the mending started. Her aunt held the wings with the use of a toothpick. The vet turned the napkin into a prosthesis. The contact cement dried in a minute, and the butterfly was released. It fluttered out the window. The two women congratulated each other. Suddenly, the butterfly returned, fluttering around the room. The butterfly landed over the vet’s heart! Touched by an angel? Pass it on!

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