News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much.” – Sujish Kandampully
Our community expresses sympathy for six families – Willis Brown Hudson (2-7-41 to 3-25-21) who married Jean Beecham (9-4-40 to 1-30-21) – they are side-by-side again having married March 29, 1963. Willis was the most tender-hearted man. When I lost my camera with Dusty’s image on a picture card, he never failed to ask if it had been returned to me for the large reward. He had the saddest facial expression when he saw my face. I never met Willis that he did not reach his hand out to me for a firm handshake. He loved his brothers: Tony, Tim (3-26-49/12-17-12) and Jessie (12-16-39/3-19-20). Willis thanked me for remembering his brothers in the paper.Willis and Jean were strong faithful leaders and supporters in the community. They will be missed deeply. They gave so freely from the heart. – Shiloh Cemetery; Lloyd Sherril Jones (8-17-61 to 3-27-21) from Beech Bluff served in TNNG during Operation Iraqi Freedom – no services; Vala Mae Garrett Cartwright (2-28-38 to 3-23-21) has a wonderful personal obit – Grand Junction; Imogene Smith Morrison Harris (1-6-34 to 3-22-21) – Chester County Memory Gardens; Raymond Talbot Denton Herndon (8-24-42 to 3-18-21); Mattie B. Teague (Herman) Wright (11-6-27 to 3-12-21) was a doll. Mattie’s son, Principal Neal Wright, and I attended college some together until his death. His sister, Wanda (Bobby) Harrington, survives. I found out too late Mattie died. I would have attended the funeral. My daddy loved the Wright Family, all of them. Sue Swafford Wright is the last one from this large family, which makes her more precious than ever – Union Hill Cemetery.
Prayer requested for Shane Martin, son-in-law of Jerry and Betty Newman. He lives in Florida with his wife, Lisa and son, Win.
March 27 – tornado damaged Middlefork “Lizard Lick” on Saturday mid-afternoon. Bill Wadley was blessed to be in his shop which was untouched. His little dog was in the home that was damaged heavily but survived. Other homes and buildings were destroyed or damaged. It was sad to see the old gin giving up its life after all these faithful years. Blessed there were no deaths.
April 3 – Saturday at 9 a.m. the Thomas and Sue Connor auction estate sale will take place.
April 2 – Good Friday to Christians commemorates the crucifixion, suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross.
April 4 – “For I remember it is Easter morn, and life and love and peace are all new born.” – Alice Palmer
Easter celebrates the evasion of death by Jesus. For Christians it is a confirmation that “Christ has risen.” Resurrection is the rebirth, salvation and renewal of faith. We must NEVER fail to believe HE will not forsake us…and we need HIM more than ever. To Christians Easter is the most sacred and important Sunday of the entire year.
Tidbits: 700 million “peeps” are sold during Easter – I have eaten four pink peeps so far thanks to Mary Curtis’s surprise box; earliest Easter can be March 22 and the latest on April 25…depends on that full moon Jim Ruth said.
Easter 1960’s memory – Billy Dickson won finding lucky eggs during Jacks Creek School Easter egg hunts. He received king size Baby Ruth candy bars and silver dollars in the seventh and eighth grades. Billy is loved and missed lots since Dec. 25
SOMEONE CARES – Joe Richard Wadley directed traffic after the tornado hit Middlefork until first responders could arrive. Many others were there that I could not identify, but God and friends know who extended a community helping loving hand.
Another SOMEONE CARES – Jude Mead never gave up trying to save a dog trapped on a small island surrounded by the Detroit River. The weather was bitter cold, and the dog was suffering. It took time because the island was hard to reach with frozen limbs hanging into the ice preventing the boat from getting close. Jude adopted and named his rescue “Miracle.” Miracle had paws and private area frostbitten. He was very cold, dehydrated and had pancreatitis. With good veterinarian care, his name suits him. The rescue team believes a coyote chased the little dog out on the frozen river and turned around, but the smart pup kept going to hide in the brush on the island. He lives in Canada with his devoted master. Always be kind to little children, elderly and animals. God is watching us.

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