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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship.” – W.W. Lindberry

Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Doris Sheffield Whitten (4-26-25 to 11-15-19) – Memory Gardens; Debbie Jo Austin Beshires(12-29-57 to 11-15-19) – Big Springs; Betty Evelyn Newsom Warren Green (6-7-37 to 11-12-19), graduated from CCHS in 1955– Memory Gardens; Thomas Sanders, Sr. (3-4-34 to 11-17-19) – Old Friendship; and Mae Dell Thompson Johnsey Chumney (3-31-27 to 11-14-19) – Johnson Cross Roads Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
Mae Dell was one of five children of William Jefferson Thompson, Jr. (1875/1967 and Lessie Lee Holmes Thompson (1892/1966). Her siblings were Nina Sue (1916/1925); Nolen (1917/2003); Willard (1920/1983); and Everette (1923/1991). My daddy, Raford, was a cousin to the Thompson siblings on his mother’s side, Beulah Holmes Nobles. Mae Dell had one child, Steven Johnsey (6-3-1961 to 3-22-2019). Mae Dell is survived by nieces, Brenda Thompson Hannah and Candice Thompson Fall, both devoted to Mae Dell and Steven for years, but especially while in nursing home or hospital. They were rocks, and Mae Dell and Steven responded to that love. Brenda has spent many days and nights with Steven. One phone call to Candy in Alabama brought her to their sides. Steven could rest when his cousins were near him. When Steven died, Mae Dell was beginning a decline in health, too. Also, Mae Dell is survived by sister-in-law, Geralene Morris Thompson and best friend, Shirley Nelson.
My memory of Mae Dell is kindness, quietness and patience. She told me first about tomatoes grown in water at Saltillo. The next few days passed, and Mae Ell surprised me with lots of fresh “water” tomatoes! Mae Dell and Shirley Nelson were loyal members to Jacks Creek Community Club. They brought food not drinks. When the program ended most members rushed out the door but not Mae Dell and Shirley. To the kitchen they went to wash up utensils, clean the kitchen and wash down tables. They were from the old school of being responsible. When Kathy Mays became sick, these women added washing fourteen tablecloths with buddies, and returning them to Kathy and Ralph immediately.
Mae Dell moved to Henderson to be nearer to Steven who was now in Henderson healthcare. Three times a day, Mae Dell went to feed Steven meals and stayed for a visit. Many times, Shirley was there. Steven loved both of these “mothers.” Steven’s room was always cheerful – Brenda saw to that. Though handicapped, Mae Dell’s son loved life and kept a beautiful smile ready for those visiting him. His great pleasure was hearing Geralene’s (Aunt Ene) voice on the telephone. He made friends in the halls with all ages; he was sad when they died. His June birthdays were made special by Brenda, Candice, Mae Dell and Shirley, his half-brother, friends and residents. His cake was shared with “Prince” Charles Malone who shared Steven birthday. Mae Dell saw her son enjoy the cake, balloons and friends coming by to help sing “Happy Birthday.” Their presence was the icing on the cake. Well, most of the icing – Steven did manage to get quite a bit on his chin. Mae Dell and Steven are together again. We find comfort in both walking, running, singing and shouting with our Heavenly Father, so what more is needed?
Prayer is requested for J.C. Emerson; Karen Malone; Andy Maness; Bob Lindsey; Sheila Cox; Luke Story; Bonnie McCallum, aunt of Sharon Boothe; and Phyllis McEarl, whose son, Nick had a memorial service Sunday in Pennsylvania; Also, we tenderly remember Eddie’s mother, Thelma “Sammie” Cherry (11-17-16) and Ruby Malone’s daughter, Rita Perkins Hill (11-21-12).
Happy Nov. 24 birthday to Kathy Pounds and Elliott Burgess. Also, my beloved Dusty will turn 21 on Nov. 24; and Bridget Bardot died Nov. 25, 2017. We only have Sammie Davis now (age 14) – he misses Bridget, so we may get him a sibling.
Jacks Creek Community Club will have a holiday dinner on Thursday, Dec. 12. Bring your favorite dish. Drinks will be supplied.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Brown from Jacksboro surprised Liz Kitchen with a ticket to Hee-Haw show.
Tidbits: 11-14-18 – we had an inch of snow, so schools let out early; and 11-22-62 – President John Kennedy killed.
Reminder: FBI now tracks animal abuse because it could be a warning of more violent acts. Animal cruelty law is a federal crime. Each state has felony animal cruelty laws. The PACT ACT (Preventing Animals Cruelty and Torture) covers crimes on federal property or perpetrators who go across state lines. Cruelty to animals is sickening. It leads to other violent crimes.
Emails received on sickening cruelty acts – pit bull puppy blow-torched; dachshund legs cuts off; outdoor cat’s eyes beamed with bright lights as evil man commanded his dog to attack; beaten dog caged and thrown in river; dog ears cuts off; starved horse tied to tree in the rain; and service dog’s mouth taped and owner killed him with baseball bat blows. God sees all. Report abuse. “Life is very vivid to animals. In many cases they know who they are. They know who their friends are and who their rivals are. They have ambitions for higher status. They compete. Their lives follow the arc (segment of a circle) of a career like ours do.“ (All creations have a purpose on this planet). – Carl Safina
“We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.” – Harry Brown

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