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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“All endings are also beginnings…” – Mitch Albom
Prayers to the families of Sherry Renee Plunk Harrison (2-8-64 to 1-1-22) wife of Jeff and daughter of Johnnie Plunk. Sherry was a 1982 graduate from Chester County High School – Henderson City; Ralph Richardson (5-25-39 to 1-1-22); and Billy Nolen (12-12-41 to 1-2-22) brother of Joan Mitchell. Also, actress Betty Marion White Barker (Dick) Allen (Lane) Ludden (Allen) (1-17-22 to 12-31-21) almost made it to 100 years on this earth having married three times but no children. Asked in an interview what she’d like God to say to her at the Pearly Gates – “Come on in, Betty. Here’s, Allen.”
Continued prayers and love to Andy and Doris Maness; Lounell Grissom; Kristen Daniel, granddaughter of a classmate Tony (Kay) Wamble; David Parchman, sweet husband of cousin Glenda Nobles; Rick Johnson, beloved husband of classmate Brenda Barham; and Emma H. Ross, former Jacks Creek School cook of the best cinnamon rolls.
New Year birthday wishes to New Year baby Ralph Mays (does he look or act 89)? And a classmate whose name is only in my thoughts. I have her a Christmas card and birthday card in my dreams.
Is Naxton Lee Carnell (1-3-2019) grandson of Danny and Shirley turning four? Naxton, we hope you exceed the age of Enid Kolwyck who turned 101 in heaven on Jan. 12. She ran Kolwyck’s Grocery store in Jacks Creek with hubby, Erby. The spotless store that once was near Dollar General is gone.
Vickie Mount Ellis, Friendship community writer prayed her daddy would not die on her Jan. 2 birthday. Daddy must have heard her. Howard G. Mount died Jan. 3, 2006. God answers prayers in His way and time.
California twins have something fun to share that has a chance one in two million of occurring. Alfredo was born Dec. 31, 2021 at 11:45 p.m. His sister, Aylin was born Jan. 1, 2022 at midnight. Jacks Creek area had twins I remember – Kay and Leon Robison’s son and daughter; Ruth and John Morris’s daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mooney’s sons. Are there more?
Many of a “Great” number of animals will not grow old beside a warm fire or own a comfy bed, but thanks to LOVING PAWS RESCUE and Carol Preuss with Jennifer from FUNNY FARM RESCUE that did not happen to “Jackie” and her six puppies! Some of you saw Jackie’s picture and plea for help in the Independent. We have a nice story to share about God’s creations and animal lovers.
Regina Stone Brooks, Betty Hemby Newman and Patsy Nobles Jones have attempted to rescue “Jackie” since August of 2021. For six months she was scared. I was mentally upset and lost lots of sleep with worry for her survival. When first discovered a white younger dog was with her. Jackie always allowed him to eat first. She became depressed when she saw his death. Jackie disappeared for a short time, but due to hunger she returned to her feeding station with sad eyes.
Jackie is a smart blue healer who learned to ignore the city animal trap. Squirrels and birds tripped the trap door. I did not put food out until the trap was not working. She recognized my car, my face and my voice, and when the truck lid raised, she knew her food and water was there! She finally took bacon strips from my hand but no head touching. Soon Jackie had FOUR boyfriends, one of which was very loyal and took his vows seriously. He did not leave her until a food hunt. We fed them but did not leave litter. I did see kind strangers sharing lunch with Jackie. I felt they would also share with elderly and children.
I listened to the weather. Surely Moe did not mean snow! It would be hard on Jackie and her puppies we could not find. Don and I drove for blocks looking for her, but she was gone. Depression hit – I feared she was gone forever with no hope of being helped, but LOVING Paws came to the rescue.
Carol found her Dec. 29 behind The Market. Jackie ate out of her hand. It was raining cats and dogs when Carol called asking to guess who was with her. My heart constricted – it was Jackie. Suddenly Jackie started walking away from Carol but would stop and look back. Carol knew Jackie wanted Carol to follow, but clouds reached Henderson. Carol would get soaked! I told Carol over the phone, “Get in your vehicle. You can’t get sick – you can find Jackie tomorrow.”
Carol returned home, but the next afternoon on Dec. 30 another phone call asking, “Guess who is letting me rub her head and hold two puppies?” She would not leave without my arrival. Upon arrival Jackie recognized my car and me. For the first time I was able to pet Jackie’s head and hold her puppies! I took a big can of chicken breast and a partial sack of dried chicken breast treats. I was sad Jackie’s “husband” would return to an empty home. Good news! A picture of him will be in the Independent seeking help again. He is handsome. He always allowed Jackie to eat first. I think her growl might have had something to do with his decision. “Crisco Jack” melts Jackie’s heart, too. Ha!
It was a very emotional afternoon for all. Jennifer from FUNNY FARM took Carol, Betty and my picture with Jackie and her six babies (names are pending). I hope you will enjoy the happy ending of seeing a great number of canines growing old beside a warm fire. Please consider making a contribution to LOVING PAWS and FUNNY FARM (Chester Co. rescues). Carol needs funds to continue operating this rescue basically alone. Donate in honor or memory of your furry friend that had or has a warm fire to sleep beside. Every dollar helps! LP Rescue 2035 Brown Cemetery Road Luray 38352. If you contribute, will you call me? 989-7485
My only regret is not being able to crawl into a sheet covered deep freeze cardboard box with rags and a tote sack. One could easily find peace and a memory recall cuddling with Jackie and Family on the snow covered deck at LOVING PAWS. For five days in a row I have slept like a baby since the rescue. Sleep could only be interrupted, if Jackie took a roll in the Jan. 2 snow!!! All is well – LOVING PAWS is our body guard. Be kind to LOVING PAWS, all animals, elderly and children. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all did right? Spay or neuter your pets. God bless

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