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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Signs of your loved ones are everywhere. Cherish that uplift. Friends or other family are not deserting you – they are simply trying to uplift others who now walk in your shoes.” – unknown
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Charlotte Ann Burger Evans (10-25-49 to 4-26-22) beloved wife of Pat Evans. She gave Andy and Doris Manessa going away party last summer before the Maness couple moved to Memphis. Charlotte did most of the work, while having health issues, but she did everything so quietly and organized. She had a sweet personality and a precious smile.
Also, Diana Ellen Judd “Naomi Judd” (1-1-46 to 4-30-22) was a country singer with daughter Wynonna – The Judds
Prayers requested for Tommy and Janice Patterson; Larry Lambert; Delores Perkins; Doris Maness; Cousin Andy Maness is slowly improving. He is proud of your cards or letters (Town Village, 950 Cherry Road, Andy Maness, Apartment 213, Memphis TN 38117). Cousin Billy Lynn Maness is also improving. On the phone he thoughtfully inquired about how Cousin Andy was doing now.
Also, warm hugs to Shirley Bailey and four daughters, Nancy, Jan, Joanie and Jill; Jack and Terra O’Neal; Linda McEarl with Anthony, Wanda, Jennifer and McKayla; Brenda Johnson; Sue Wright; Faye Morris; Betty Richardson; Harold James; Golda Colbert; Nancy Rush; Emma Ross; Mrs. Bill Howard; Bonice Henson; Cousin Alice and Buddy Stovall; Charles Malone; Rebecca Vineyard; and Sherrill Ryals.
Mary Bolen called to compliment the pet story earlier. She adopted Hershey Cocoa Bolen. Actually, they rescued each other. They make the same steps walking, sitting, eating and sleeping buddies. They love and need one another. She was worried about her grass getting too tall for Hershey Cocoa, but that issue worked out for both. Thank goodness for the telephone and Greg.
May 8 is Mother’s Day. MOTHER is the sweetest name in the world for many but not all. People have confided in me why that holiday is not special to them, and I did understand. I am sorry for anyone who did not have the warmth of a mother’s arms, her hand to hold or her lips to make everything alright. Once a loved one is gone – there are no more memories to make or share.
Three quotes – (1) “A mother understands what a child does not say.” – Jewish proverb; (2) “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” – unknown; and (3) “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln
During wars it was reported that fallen dying soldiers called out for their mothers. Doesn’t that speak volumes?
Please be sensitive to those who are in bereavement. It is so very hard to endure the “first” of all events after losing a loved one. Try hard to call, send a card or take a surprise to help lift that person. Lance, Andrea and Wade I send hugs.
Don and I are helping Cousin Kathy Pounds and Cousin Brenda Thompson Hannah decorate graves at Johnson Cross Roads on Mother’s Day. That church holds many dear memories of my dear mother and Uncle Lomax Maness – now no more memories.
“Mimi” Pounds shared this cutie – she had babysit Pepper Pounds. It was time for a bath, so she asked Mimi if she would bathe her. Excitedly Mimi said yes! Pepper told her “Dada” to come with them and give Mimi INSTRUCTIONS! Where did that three-year old child learn that word? Maybe from Polly the baby sister! Ha
Met Jerry Bishop down home from the far west (Arizona). He enjoyed Old Friendship Decoration Day. He is interested in family histories; eating at Jacks with “those” boys for breakfast and is anxious to meet and greet Inez Weatherington Cash (age 101 in July). Jerry is very smart on water and its safety. His town does free testing – here you will give $150 or drink till your well is dry…all is well that ends well might or might not make a point.
Tidbits: Earth age (4.6 billion years); Universe age (14 Billion years); Glenda Parchman age 73 on May 3; Betty Newman age 74 on May 3; Monarch butterflies count in 1980s (4.5 million); Monarchs in 1990’s (1.2 million); and now Monarchs are headed for extinction. There are only some left to pollinate, so we can eat, too. The number now is 1,942.
Monarchs can eat an entire milkweed lead in five minutes. They also need nectar and water. They eat 200 times their weight in milkweed. Monarchs live two to six weeks. This is the only butterfly known to fly a two-way migration as birds (2,880 miles).
Monarchs once were so abundant that the sound of their wings was described as a rippling stream or summer rain. Even early newspapers described branches breaking under the weight of so many butterflies and described the masses of monarchs as the personification of happiness. The heart of the monarch’s range is the Midwestern corn belt where most of the world’s monarch are born on milkweed plants in agricultural field. The spraying of “Roundup” on corn and soy causes monarch serious troubles. Someday our food will not be able to be grown because we killed our pollinators with poison. Ukraine’s crop fields can not be planted due to Russian stealing their equipment. Ukraine furnishes many items to the U.S.A. – articles of iron or steel, aircraft, cereals, computers, fats-oils-waxes, oil seeds and agricultural products. Ukraine is one of the world’s largest grain exporters, but 4.5 metric tons are being blocked today!
Monarch butterflies are in trouble. Please buy milkweed and put out nectar for them. Check with Cindy Springer at Sweetlips Green house. I have left a spot in my flower bed for milkweed this year again. We need pollinators and they need us.
Stock your pantry well. Hunger will come to our doors someday. Think of all the other poorer countries whose people and animals know hunger and die from starvation. Do you doubt it couldn’t happen to us? Mama Beck told me the U.S.A. had it made too good and too long. Someday she will go to her knees. Patsy, you will know what hunger is, and I wish I could be there to help you go through it. Mama Beck was my second mother. I was blessed twice to know that love mentioned above in those quotes. Those loves I NEVER doubted. Hug your mother – it might help both of you.

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