News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“I sleep in His peace. I wake in His joy. I walk in His light, and am warmed by His love.” – Rosemergy
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Roy Travis Jones, Sr., beloved husband of Linda Shelton. Jones is a 1966 Chester County High graduate – they recently had their 56th reunion. I remember they were a good-looking couple; and Evelyn Virginia Johns Joslin Borden (1-20-33 to 5-7-22) – Fairview in Dyersburg. Also, country singer, Mickey Gilley (3-9-36 to 5-7-22) had song hits, “Room Full of Roses” and “Bring It on Home to Me.” His cousins are great piano players, Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart.
Prayers requested for Elizabeth Weaver Davis formerly from Jacks Creek but now in Texas, and continue prayers for Larry (Anita) Lambert and Ukraine; Warm hugs to Kristen Daniel; Willadean Maness Thrasher; Andy Maness; Billy Maness, Brenda Johnson, Sue Wright, the Massengills and Judy Ellis. Also, my dear loved friend Louise Clenney celebrates her 88th birthday in heaven on May 8 – her smile is in my heart.
Class of ’57 is getting ready to meet, greet, eat and see whose lipstick stays on longer on May 21. Who are some of those “kids” from the “All Shook Up” era? Could any have been a “Little Darlin’” ?
Seventy-eight 1957 classmates – Bobby Armour (Most Athletic and Cutest Couple); Tony Austin; Lance Bailey (Best Personality and F.H.A. Royalty); Wanda Beacham; Jerry Beshires; Charles Bingham (Best All-Round); Bonnie Bishop; Gloria Bishop; Larry Bishop; Mike Bolton (Most Handsome); Robbie Bridges (Senior Secretary, Best Personality, Most Courteous and Cheerleader); Gladys Bulliner; J.C. Burkeen; Shirley Buress; Carrie Neal Butler; David Butler; Jerry Carroll; Don Clayton; Roy Daniel (Senior President and Most Courteous); Bennie Dees; Jimmy Duck; Josephine Ellis; Shirley Freeman; Maye Sherrill Frix; Alvaretta Gaddy (Miss CCHS and Senior Sweetheart); Martha Garner (Most Studious); Carl Gately; Ronald Graves (Senior Vice President, Valedictorian, Most Studious and Most Likely to Succeed); Jimmy Grissom; Joyce Henson; Nelda Henson; Doris Hill; Bobby Hinson; Charlene Hughes (Biggest Flirt and Cheerleader); Travis Hurst; Anne Kent; Yvonne Latham (Most Athletic); Dorothy Ligon; Dorothy Maness; Maxine Maness; Willadean Maness; Larry McCage; Joel McCall (FHA Royalty); Wayne Mitchell; Doris Mooney (Salutatorian); Marie Moore; Tracy Moore; Mary Elizabeth Morris; Evelyn Morrison; Freddie Murley; Willodean Naylor; Donald Redden; Billy Robbins; Jonez Russell; Ann Scott; Eva Mae Sells (Most Beautiful); Anne Sewell; Margaret Sikes (Best All-Around); Delores Ann Smith (Most Likely to Succeed); Bill Stanfill (Senior Reporter-Wittiest); Estelle Stanfill; Marshall Stone; Reba Jo Stone; Herman Tacker; Hermie Jo Tedford (Wittiest); Virginia Thomas; Carolyn Thompson; Bill Trice; Clyde Tull; Sonny Walker; June Webb; Garland Whitten; Bobby Wilson (Mr. CCHS); Pat Woody (Cutest Couple); Larry Wright (Biggest Flirt); Shirley Young; and Ann Garner.
Local Leaders Class of 1957 — Superintendent, Tom Armour; Principal, James Williams; and Secretary to Principal, Miss Clara Sue Smith (Stanfill); 19 teachers; Custodians, Lynn Martin and Mr. Bishop; Dietitians, Mrs. Bruce, Mrs. Cason and Mrs. Hearn; and drivers training, Howard Bulliner! About 37 classmates are deceased. Dorothy Miller keeps up with Class of 1957. I help with charting, a labor of love.
5 Fun 1957 facts – (1) SONGS – Elvis, “Jailhouse Rock”; Jerry Lewis, “Great Balls of Fire”; Buddy Holly,“That’ll Be the Day”; Pat Boone, “Love Letters in the Sand.” (2) TV PROGRAMS – Perry Mason; Maverick; Gunsmoke, Ed Sullivan; and Lassie. (3) POPULAR TOYS – Slinky and Hula Hoops. (4) COST OF LIVING – minimum hourly wages ($1), average yearly ($4,500), monthly rent ($90), home cost ($12,220), gallon of gas (24 cents), dozen eggs (28 cents) and pound of bacon (60 cents). (5) 1957 EVENTS – World-wide Asian Flu Pandemic – 1.1 million died; final episode of “I Love Lucy”; Soviet Union launches Sputnik.
May 14, 1948 – do you think about history and its future effects? Israel was recognized by President Harry Truman as it became a nation May 14. The following July 1949 Israel was admitted as a United Nation member. The world witnessed the BIGGEST Biblical Prophecy FULFILLED since Jesus Christ came to earth – the REBIRTH of God’s Chosen Nation. The LORD prophesied, over 3,000 years ago, that the Israelite Jews would be exiled from their Holy Land for around 2,500 Years. If you are news alert you will see the great migration of the Jews returning home! We love “World News” at 5:30 – keeps us informed. Be aware; stock pantry; don’t waste food or gasoline; help pollinators; and pray for America and farmers.
Seventy years later, President Trump fulfilled a key campaign promise in 2018 when he moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Israel is the biblical Holy Land in Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths. Israel is about the size of New Jersey with a population of 9.1 million. Israel borders Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaga Strip. Israel is located in west Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean Sea where Africa, Asia and Europe meet. The north side of Israel is snow-capped mountains; and the desert is on the south side.
Not trying to get into your spiritual view, but I was taught Jesus is the true King of the Jews (their Messiah). He returns to stand and rule on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. Momma and Mama Beck told me – the older you get the closer to Him you want. Learning about the Bible and it being retained in your brain is uplifting. I listen to television Sunday preaching and listen to computer sermons – God knows my heart. I love you, God. The Garden of Eden was perfectly made by God himself. Who wants the lawlessness of our culture? Heaven – what a homeward journey it will be. Home sweet home takes on a new meaning! Amen

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