News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Dance like nobody’s watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening. Live like it is heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain
Our community expresses sympathy to five families – George Stewart Nettleson (5-20-50 to 5-11-22) – no service; Roy Edward Kiestler (3-16-44 to 5-12-22) – Vernon Cemetery in Cloverport, TN; Mary Alice Mosier (1-13-41 to 5-13-22) – Cave Springs; Georgie Beene Philips (1-9-29 to 5-14-22) – Memory Gardens; and Steve Wilson (12-10-71 to 5-14-22) – Memorial Service
Tenderly remember Ricky Johnson’s family. Ricky (5-21-50 to 1-15-22) turns 72 in heaven. His beloved wife misses him more each day. She has been dealing with shrubs and that digging has hurt her shoulder, but she keeps trying to work out the pain.
Prayer request for Ruby Malone. Taking her a meal soon. Is Larry Lambert still improving? Need news – have no number. I got him a card today. Someone let me know.
May 21 is reunion time for the Class of ’57. I look forward to snapping photos. Bright colors and lipstick makes a good picture.
Carolyn Goff is a new great-grandmother. I bet she will list that name. Wonder if she will get that rockin’ chair out again.
Guess you heard about the dogs in Humboldt being neglected. It was shocking news on WBBJ-TV. Loving Paws Rescue has her own rescue dogs, but she called to help. “Scout” is in good hands with Carol Preuss. I plan to write the Humboldt mayor for facts.
May 30 – Memorial Day commemorates all Americans who died in military service for the United States of America. Country singer, Lee Greenwood says, “And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.”
There are 67 Chester County soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice! They never made it home to Daddy’s strong handshake that turned into a hug or Momma’s cooking. Don’t you know every dish her child loved would have been on that dinner table? Read each name and pause to show respect – (WWI) Monty Allen, Joshua Buckingham, Earl Cooper, Hampton Cooper, Curry Cupples, Charley Davis, Dolphus Deming, Dennis Fields, Joe Findley, James Gaddy, Amos Haltom, Isaac Massengill, Scott Robinson and Fred Rowland; (KOREAN) Eugene Cox, Ray Dunn and Harold Rhodes; (WWII) Bennett Allen, Joseph Anderson, John Arnold, Thomas Barber, Hughie Bishop, Isaac Brown, J.T. Cawthon, W.C. Christopher, Gordan Cox, John Griffin, Edgar Holder, Robert Holder, William Holmes, John Hubbard, William Kinchen, Wade King, C.B. Latham, James Wilson Lee, Floyd Lindsey, K.D. Lowrance, Jr., Hobert Maness, Edison Marsh, Kenneth McCanless, Willie Morris, Kirk Mount, Don O’Neal, James Priddy, John Ramer, Neal Ratliff, Hubert Rhodes, Herman Scott, J.L. Smith, Roy Smith, Floyd Snider, Elmo Tarpley, George Wallace, Floyd Wilson, Lloyd Wilson, Oliver Wilson, Jr., Woodrow Wood and Robert Wood, Jr. (VIETNAM) Charles Crowe, Dale Hollowell, Dannie Jacobs and Dennis Taylor; (CAREER SERVICE) Frankie Naylor, Gene Parrish, and J.T. Peddy; (GULF WAR) Dustin Adkins and Judson Mount. God bless these fallen men and their families. Please let me know if I missed a precious name. “America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.” — Claudia Pemberton
I remember Daddy telling me when he got home from WWII that he and his friend got a ride to Jacks Creek from Henderson. The driver asked them where they had been. Daddy replied “Oh, just around.” They probably took the bus from Jackson. Daddy quietly walked up the steps. His momma had cooked dinner (lunch). It was dinnertime! He opened the door and walked in with a smile. His momma saw him. No words can be written here to explain, but every mother can try to understand the moment a long lost child returns safely into her arms. It is a reunion with wet tears mixing with wet nose kisses. After all the tears, hugs and kisses, the dinner table became HOME SWEET HOME.
Daddy never left Jacks Creek again. He lived within a thousand feet from his momma and his three siblings (Ruby, Glen and Lila) were over a hill or two. He came home, and he never intended to leave it again, and he did not. He is buried at Unity – only two miles away, and he is HOME SWEET HOME! God bless you, Daddy.

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