News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“No longer by my side, but forever in my heart” – Unknown
No news shared earlier, so many names are included with this week’s deaths. Remembrance and sympathy is expressed to 22 families — Mary Nell Guinn Johnson White (7-15-37 to 6-8-22); Harold Wayne Hathcock (3-9-54 to 6-12-22); Lola Ophelia Williams Austin (10-2-35 to 6-12-22); Braden Lavern Bailey (11-5-28 to 3-9-22); Preston Riley (4-9-49 to 6-22-22); Richard Knapp (6-8-54 to 6-22-22); Gerald Garland Whitten (9-22-37 to 6-20-22); Ruby Lee Davis Snider (7-6-25 to 6-19-22); Shirley Gholson Bailey (5-25-39 to 6-17-22); Ruth Evelyn Morrison Bishop (9-18-39 to 6-15-22); Angela Kay Rhodes (7-5-76 to 6-14-22); Jason Lee Morris (12-16-69 to 7-3-22); Novelee James Massengill (10-27-33 to 7-9-22); Danny Keith Mitchell (1-9-58 to 7-12-22); William Ellis “Bill” Brown (6-1-33 to 7-16-22); Hattie Frances Tacker Hodges Smith (4-18-34 to 7-18-22); Robert “Bob” Joe Little (9-7-48 to 7-18-22); Lorna Jean Steed Thompson (12-10-52 to 7-18-22); William Darryn Busby (4-2-74 to 7-19-22); Charles Ray Beacham (12-17-50 to 7-22-22); Jacob Aster Rouse, Sr.; (11-10-38 to 7-24-22); and Johnny Cecil Malone (4-10-42 to 7-22-22) at Lawrence-Sorenson.
Tenderly remembering Julia Morris McCoy heavenly birthday (7-21-51); Judy Morris Sweat heavenly birthday (7-21-51); Judy Crowe Davis (8-22-47/7-22-20); Randi Bulliner Rich (7-24-17) and my parents Raford and Bobbie Nobles’s celebrated their July 24, 1948 anniversary in heaven.
Don and I celebrated our July 17, 1970 anniversary with Jerry and Betty Newman at Olive Garden while they celebrated their July 22, 1966 anniversary with us. Yes, dessert was on our “hit” list. Whee-ee
Prayers are requested for Ralph Mays; Johnny Hayes; Charlotte Joyner on July 28; Paul Schilling; Sonya Young; Cathy Thompson; Nancy Connor, Russell Clayton; Sue Cobb Campbell Nobles; and Carol Preuss. Stretched hugs to Julia Webb Parchman; Jack and Terra O’Neal; Jimmy Lyles; Sue Wright; Shane Martin; Larry Lambert; Martha Climer; Judy Jones; Jerry and Betty Newman (master gardener who shares); Nancy and Dennis Stovall (red velvet cake best baker who shares); and Shumate Family. Thanks.
CRY FOR HELP! Carol Preuss, owner and operator of Loving Paws Rescue, was air-lifted to trauma unit in Memphis July 17. Her thoughts are with her fur family as she was released to the care of her son in Memphis July 24 with strict rules. She needs much additional medical care and unable to physically help, so she needs OUR help. Carol is facing additional surgery, so keep her in your prayers. Think of all the animals Carol rescued that were dumped or unwanted. This rescue needs us, so let us prove to Carol we care and will help. What will we do without it? Think carefully.
The rescue is in great need of dog food and treats. Tractor Supply in Henderson will hold food donations for pick-up by her husband, Ron. Manager Tabitha and cashier Cody know the foods purchased frequently. Those computer smart can go online to Tractor Supply and ask for the food to be held for Loving Paws, or go in person like I will on Wednesday. Loving Paws vet bill goes on with spaying and neutering and other health needs. There are eight puppies and mom on the list now plus the current vet bill balance. Sadly, Carol’s two handicapped furry family died in her absence. Andy died July 20, and Big Sissy died July 22. They had care until the end. Send ear-marked Loving Paws checks to Demings Veterinary 2173 Hwy 70 East Jackson TN 38305; phone 731-300-3344.
I hope the Mayor’s office and board can make a donation to help Loving Paws. If responsible people would simply spay or neuter their pets, this situation would be helped tremendously. Save your money. Leave off bad habit purchases and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Who cares anyway? Clean clothes and good personal hygiene keep you in good graces. I wear the same ole, but clean clothes, and labels are not important to me. Good ole common horse (mare) sense while wearing a cute hat!
Sharon Boothe had a big surprise July 14, 2022. A neighborhood young cat had her second litter of kittens in Sharon’s house. Her first litter disappeared. Sharon did not know soon-to-be-momma had sneaked into her home during an indoor yard sale. A customer found a tired momma cat with seven kittens. Do you need a kitten for $10 bucks? The momma is black, white and orange and so sweet and loving. Help with food if you will. We all can help some, right? Spaying would have stopped this issue, right? I will pay half of the spay cost for this momma. Can others help with the unwanted kittens? They need love, too.
First Baptist Church shares a generous harvest for many Chester County residents. Church members, seniors and youth, sort, organize, pick up boxes and carry them to vehicles. All smile as people drive away feeling the blessing. America has been blessed for many years. Food and water are scarce in many sections of the world. Prayerfully treasure these foods for an uncertain future. Television and computer show people and animals starving, sickness and death settle in to many. Many thanks to volunteers who spread the love to fellow mankind. Be kind and show respect to helpless elderly, children and animals.
Teachers and school staff have eyes in the back of their heads. Jacks Creek is on community alert against those doing wrong. With God there are no unsolved mysteries. The sinner (s) will face Him. He has the highest power! Blessings to those who have been brought undue stress and evil on July 24. Armed robbery should be taken seriously. Stay alert and call 9-1-1 if you see something not normal. Lock doors to home, shed or vehicles.
Help for pesky mosquitoes. They hate lavender; citronella; clove; peppermint; basil; cedarwood; eucalyptus; lemongrass, rosemary, grapefruit; pine oil; tea tree; and chili pepper. I make a mixture of combined essential oils with added witch hazel. I lightly mist my pets’ feet and belly. Call me for more information. 989-7485.
Tidbits: Korean War ends 7-27-1953; and Babe Ruth last public appearance July 26, 1948.
God bless our Military, Law enforcement, medical staffs and most important our dear United States of America.
Have a great week.

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