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With Patsy Nobles Jones

“I journeyed through some of the toughest moments of my life, and how with God’s help I saw good in the midst of the bad, and how He helped me grow during those sad seasons of my life.” – Denise Mansfield
Sympathy is expressed to the families of Rovene Nance Thomas (8-4-18 to 11-25-19), beloved mother of Nancy Thomas and close friend to Murdell Barker. I carried Murdell to say goodbye prior to the funeral. Rovene’s family was proud to see her. Dr. Ricky Catlett was present to show support to his right-hand helper, Nancy – Memory Gardens; Bobby Gene Benson (5-29-41 to 11-27-19), class of 1959 and served in the U.S. Navy. He was a wonderful husband to his bedridden wife living in healthcare. While I was visiting Jean, he would arrive to feed and visit her – Cabo; Billy Robert Askew (1-27-32 to 11-28-19), attended Phillips School House and later served in the US Army – service from 5-7 p.m. Dec. 5 at Grace Baptist; Vonnie Sue McCallum (7-6-46 to 11-24-19), aunt of Sharon Boothe – Paffords in charge and burial at Mazies Chapel near Natchez Trace; and Billy Frank Latham (12-3-39 to 12-2-19), celebrating his 80th birthday in heaven.
Prayer requested for Karen Malone, daughter of Charles. Continue prayers for Francis Ada; Cousin Andy Maness; Cousin Sheila Cox; Joy Maxine Maness Whittaker, sister of Andy Maness; Judy Davis; Judy Hample; and Murdell Barker in recovery. Mary Curtis in Nashville is under the weather. Pray for her.
Tenderly remember Alma Morris (12-2-03); Margaret Bingham (12-3-08); Violet Bailey (12-4-03); my beloved mother, Bobbie Nobles (12-5-73); JoAn McKinnon (12-6-17); Cousin Adron Nobles (12-8-17); Harold Tedford (12-9-17); and Maerene Barker (12-10-17). “Not forgotten as long as a name is written or spoken” – PN Jones
Someone in Jacks Creek turned 80 on Dec. 1 — all is well that ends well. Happy Birthday to a nice guy who loves walnuts a “lot.”
On the Wings of a Dove list will be turned in Dec. 23. It is a last hug to those gone from our touch and respect to their loved ones.
Dec. 5 is Henderson’s parade. We will be watching from Mama Beck’s home with hot cocoa, popcorn and pals. Downtown is gorgeous. Many thanks to all who worked hard on special jobs to bring smiles of awe. Santa is coming to town!
Jacks Creek Community Club extends a jolly welcome for dinner Dec. 12. Bring your favorite dish (beverages furnished) and enjoy Bell twins, Frank and Kay, singing us closer to the “Ho-Ho-Ho” in 20 days!
His wife lives in healthcare, but he was so selective in studying roses in the display case. Tim Hemby said he thought his wife would love these red roses with white baby-breath. Then, he asked my opinion. They were beautiful. It seemed his gait was younger and higher as he hurried to pay. He could not wait to show his love, Thelma, his Happy Anniversary gift – “Red Roses For a Blue Lady.” She is not blue now. God bless and Happy Anniversary.
Gathering groceries was hard for me Wednesday. I could not lift them into my vehicle. A dear lady came by, and I asked for help. “Marion” lifted them with ease. Her action made me think about things I am grateful for in this small town. In a big city, would you dare ask for help? Thank you, Marion. You made me have a better Thanksgiving with a prayer called in your name. Also, Mindy, thanks for three surprises you know I love, and thank you, Mrs. Plunkand “Perky” for surprises.
Animal abusers, if you are found guilty you go to prison for seven years and are fined! Hooray! President Donald Trump signed the PACT Act (Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture) into law on Nov. 25. Eight hundred thousand signed a petition (I was one). Ted Deutch was one of the lead sponsors of the law in Washington. Finally, people have had enough. We can be the voice for animals. If you see abuse, YOU can call the law.
No offense because I love animals and write tidbits to show I care. I would rather you call the law, not me. I take pictures to prove abuse. A picture paints a thousand words. I am not without my zoom camera. “Backyard pets” have it the worse – thankfully, drones can help greatly. Most importantly, God is watching. A pet should be treated like family or do not get one. It is that simple. We (they) need food, water, shelter, exercise, grooming and love.
A ten-year old girl, Elysa started a petition asking Trader Joe’s to stop using “palm oil.” It takes palm trees to make the oil. The habitats of rain forest are being destroyed. Animals are losing their homes. How wonderful this child has been raised to think about animals.
Again, people are sick of animal abuse! Google to see the petition sent to Washington to stop sending retired U.S. military dogs to Jordan. They suffer abuse and starvation. These dogs serve in wars to help our soldiers; they give their lives to sniff out bombs or attack enemies on command. Check website No Dogs Left Behind –
Six tidbits: {1} on 12-7-41 Pearl Harbor attacked on Oahu Island – 2,335 Americans killed, and many wounded. It is a historic landmark for USS Arizona; {2} average lifespan of a one dollar bill is 5.8 years, but a hundred dollar bill last 15 years; {3} in the 1900’s there were 10,000 tigers in the wild, but now there are only 3,900; {4} on 11-28-25 Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting – my great-grandparents gathered around the radio; {5} all Aussie hair products are PETA certified cruelty-free to animals; and {6} first senator to be elected president (1816 and 1820) was James Monroe the fifth President. He served in the Continental Army during Revolutionary War and was wounded.
“We’ll say bye for now, and we love you.” – Harry Brown, WWII Veteran

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