News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy (5-29-17/ 11-22-63)
Sympathy is extended to the families of Lillie Simmons Arnold (8-30-47 to 12-4-22) – no public service; Kenneth Ray Davis (11-29-41 to12-6-22) – Memory Gardens; Ralph Hearn Hodges (11-25-40 to 12-9-22) – Trinity; William Lehman McKnight (1-2-32 to 12-12-22) – Trinity; Fay J. Hinson (2-27-40 to 12-8-22), sister-in-law of Faye Hinson (Pat) Connor and second wife of Ray Hinson. Visitation at Hernando Mississippi Funeral Home Dec. 15 from 9-11 a.m., followed by burial at Unity near Jacks Creek. Ray’s first wife, Kay Douglas, born 1944 was killed March 15, 1963 on the bridge with their son, Jeffrey (1-18-63) in a car accident; they were buried together at Unity. Ray’s parents were Roy and Palace Hinson. Also, entertainer, Cher lost her mother, Georgia Holt (6-9-26 to 12-10-22). My daddy was born in 1926 and died 2011, so Cher was blessed those extra 11 years. When parents are gone, you are an orphan and that causes depression which one has to deal with each day until we realize to not miss the future.
Prayers — Janice Johnson Holland; Janise McCall; Jean, Regina and Tommy Tignor; Linda Bruntz; Paul Schilling; Tera O’Neal; Angie Parrish; Tommy Patterson; Debbie Harvey; Brad Brower; Debbie Carroll Morris; Janice Wadley; Pat Connor; Ray Hinson; Carol Preuss and Bobby Harvey at Pickwick.
Tenderly remember – Donald Edward Knight, Sr. (12-15-21); Bobby “Cigar” Smith (12-16-21); Clara Lucille Young Scheele (12-14-21); Sarah Hicks (12-17-21); Eddie Jones (12-12-21); Clarence Wells (12-13-21); Nancy Conder McCaskill (12-8-21); Margaret Hutcherson (12-16-21); Kevin Arnold (12-5-21); Robert Jones (12-17-17); and Mike Haithcoat (12-13-46 to 8-22-20). Miss them…
Happy wedding anniversary on Dec. 10 to Shawn and Misti Tignor Nash. Their party was at Humboldt Church.
I appreciated Carolyn Goff’s article week before last and Vickie Ellis’s last week. They were on the right track. Remember what is important at Christmas, forget the excessive gift buying (card charging) and enjoy the season with the right heart. I reread their words and was lifted. What is the point? We do buy what we want and blessed with enough before we do that. All our writers do a good job, but they are not hearing from people like they should. It encourages us when you share some tidbits. Let us share a part of your life and news. HELP US keep our paper in our hands. Wouldn’t it be sad to not have a local paper? Support and buy a paper subscription. Leave off some of those cokes, junk food, bought movies, toys, mechanics, beer and fast foods. Buy a subscription to help our local paper. Will you buy a pet calendar to help our rescues? Not many people entered their pet photos. A small fee should not keep you from sharing your furry family; plus it helps someone get spay and neuter at a good discount. Help the animals, too. What is more important than little children, precious elderly and innocent animals that need love and homes, too?
What more do we NEED than a home, clean bed, small wardrobe, healthy food, heat or cool air and a loving peaceful family? Doing family things together and sharing a day’s experience is fun around the table. Watching television, listening to music or quietly reading a book is so fulfilling. The intimacy of family time is so special, and those memories follow you forever. We family members each had our habits, and they make you feel warm and fuzzy – especially when you stop and think back years ago when you were a family unit. Death changes all of that. So treasure a simpler life and forget those excessive charge cards. We do not buy family or friends gifts, but do carry food surprises to some. The simplicity of all this has lifted our spirits and now the word RUSH is not in our vocabulary. It is a relief. We can truly enjoy Christmas without rush. Our life is simple, and we like it. We can not decorate our lawn or inside anymore, but once we had help, but those days are over, too. Don puts out just enough so others will see we have the SPIRIT. Maybe one year we will have a spurt of energy in late fall to pull out more, but think about it — when it is cold outside the items have to be boxed and organized all over again. That sounds like RUSH, doesn’t it? Hard and fun work, too.
We certainly appreciated the hard organized work at Chickasaw, Larry and Virginia Rowland red and white lawn lifting us again (and they are older than us); Connors home on Highway 100; Delores Perkins, White Avenue; and Savannah has a tent, skating rink and post card courtyard worth seeing the final Friday and Saturday of this week.
Our courthouse was a post card. I do wish the large sleigh was near the tree for family posing for a post card. Lots of beauty to see there. It is so special. Thanks! Seeing the spirit of Christmas warms cold hearts. It takes us back to innocent times of seeing Santa and his sleigh way up in the air and how in the world did we hear that HO-HO-HO! Nothing got me quicker to bed than to hear Daddy say, “Don’t you think you need to get in that bed? You don’t want Santa seeing you peeping.” I got into bed and hid. I do not know who got in the bed first, Larry or me, but we were quiet as mice. Oh, what fun we had the next morning! We had good parents, and I miss them; don’t you miss yours?
Animal Story: Paddy (cat) brought home a rat (Ratty) 18 months ago. He became a loved pet. Her owner went to sleep with a cigarette in her hands and started a smallfire. Ratty moved the cigarette a few feet away and returned to her owner and started scratching on her gown to awaken her. Fire snuffed out and realized Ratty saved their home and lives. Ratty often slept in her pocket, and they were a happy family. Do not judge animals. They have more feelings than we really know or understand.

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