News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Whatever you are doing, however you may feel, remember love is with you —- and its warmth and strength are real.” — American Greetings
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Charles Lee Kent (1-23-38 to 2-23-23) a 1958 graduate of Adamsville High. He served in the United States Army – Woodlawn Cemetery; Ronald Guy Marsh (12-28-57 to 2-24-23) died at South Haven, Miss. – Cave Springs; Betty Lou Cupples Hinkle (8-20-38 to 2-25-23) was born in Pinson – Memorial service.
Also, actress, Stella Stevens (10-1-38 to 2-17-23) was born in Mississippi. Jimmie McAdams (Mrs. Toby) was born in Mississippi. Stella came to spend the weekend with Jimmie. I almost got to meet her. Her son married Kate Jackson, Charlie’s Angel. Jimmie knew Stella very well. Toby was raised here with his many other siblings including Loy McAdams Jones. Betty Dunivan is the only sibling left.
Prayers and loving thoughts to Clint Murley; Harold James; Johnny Hayes; Joe Climer; Sherrill and Sheila Ryals; Mrs. Bob Moore; Delores Perkins; Joe Wadley; Tommy Patterson; Martha Climer; Liz Mooney; Pauline Smith; Charles Malone; Eddie Plunket; Ricky Clayton; Brad and Peg Brower; Andy and Doris Maness; Sue Wright; Rebecca Vineyard; and former President Jimmy Carter.
Jacks Creek Community Club will meet at Community Church from 6-7 p.m. March 9. Bring your favorite dish and enjoy the guitar music with Jerry Lowe and Mike McCutchen. Ten-dollar membership dues can be paid that night. We have decided to meet four times a year – March, June, September and December. Come and join and enjoy fellowship. Same meeting place – third road on the left after you pass 100/22 intersection. No letters will be sent out – jot these months down and mark second Thursday of these four months. Please put this on Facebook to spread the word…March 9; June 15; September 14; and December 14. If law enforcement is out that night near us, stop by and Pat Jones will fix you a plate to eat there or go on the road.
Kindness is a good thing to do or have done for you. “Jesse” saw me struggling to lift a loaded basket from my shopping cart at Dollar General, so he showed his manners, up-bringing and muscles. Jesse lifted that clothes basket like it was a loaded baby cradle. He made my day! Remember the song, “Jesse’s Girl.” That is how I felt that moment!
Also a reader called to compliment my weekly list of deaths as the first main paragraph in my Jacks Creek News following the quote. The reader likes to see the list at a quick glance and then read the obits later. The reader also appreciated “On the Wings of a Dove” yearly deceased and birth/death dates included for the last two years. The reader recognized the hard and loyal work of Glenda Nobles Parchman and myself. Glenda is going to organize me an “excel” sheet to keep organized. Isn’t that kind? Others have called to check on me. I am feeling better, and spring will help boost many of us. Keep on doing kindness for strangers, family or friends. We all need to feel appreciated and loved. It only takes simple acts to make a lasting impression, too. Thank you for all the kind acts you have done for me, Friends.
Last week, some of you called to say your calendar is used to jot a memory. A handful said they had kept a journal for years. I just know family would love to read your thoughts when you are long gone. They will know your love was warmth, and its strength was real. Please reconsider to keep a journal even on a simple spiral notebook. That is what I use each year writing JC News. It works and easy to store. I reread some years myself. It is fun to recap those long ago memories. Call 731-989-7485
QUESTION – Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel in time???

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