News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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with Patsy Nobles Jones

“If you have a tender message, or a loving word to say, do not wait till you forget it, but whisper it today.” – Frank Sweet
Our community expresses sympathy to 10 families – Gary Randall Parker (4-18-57 to 4-21-23) – no service; Lydia King Stoltzus (1-16-38 to 4-21-23) – Finger; Tony Mack Trussell (3-26-64 to 4-20-23) – no service; Elvie Jo Mathews Stidham (1-7-42 to 4-20-23) lived in Randolph’s apartment at Jacks Creek. Charlotte Joyner was her dear running buddy. I loved Jo because she carried home all the dumped animals, but when Utah said no, Joe carried food to them. Who couldn’t love her contagious smile – Cave Springs; Delores Burkhead Hatch (8-31-42 to 4-20-23) graduated from CCHS Class of 1960. She was a talkative giggly friend. She laughed, and the world laughed with her. She was a family oriented person. She loved Tommy, Mike, Doug – her twin, and Dorothy. Now Helen is alone to share memories with us – Memory Gardens; Johnnie Ray Taylor (4-7-59 to 4-19-23) was a graduate of CCHS Class of 1978. Family will have Celebration of Life later; James Stephen Kitchen (12-4-48 to 4-19-23) served in US Coastal Guard – Memory Gardens; Jerry Lee Weir (5-10—44 to 4-17-23) husband of Jane Randolph Pusser and brother-in-law of Betty – Big Springs; Abigail Smith Williams (2-27-02 to 4-15-23) graduated from CCHS Class of 2020. She married Joseph Oct. 15, 2022. His paragraph in the obit was so touching I cried — true love blessed by God – Finger; Elizabeth C. Mooney (10-22-31 to 4-23-23) came from a family of 10 children by Dexter Franklin and Gertha Barker Climer.
Mammie told me the extremely close Climer siblings never had a falling out ever; they worked out all issues among each other. Liz’s beloved siblings – Paul Franklin (1923/2004); Ernest Elbert (1925/1998); Hazel Ryan (1927/2016); Liz Mooney (1931/2023); Riley Clifford (1937/1989); Coy Daniel (1939/2021); Martha Bell Climer Phillips; Velma Dean C. Hart Alexander; and Joe Climer. I went to school with Liz’s children who were polite and kind. Inscribed on her rock are Edd, Joyce, Mickel, Carol, Peggy and Allen. In school I enjoyed recess and hunting eggs with Mickel and Joyce, but watermelon eating at my grandparents is most memorable. I taught Mickel’s twins, Glynn and Lynn. I love the Climer Family, always kind to me and enjoyed hugs. My heart hurts for Martha, Velma, Joe and Family. If it rains at the cemetery, just a sign angels above are crying tears of joy. God bless.
Also, Minister Charles Stanley (9-25-32/4-18-23) whom I enjoyed In Touch Ministries Sunday mornings left his flock; and Lenard Goodman (4-25-44/4-22-23) will waltz and dance among the stars on his birthday. He was the English judge who would give a score called “ten with Len.”
Prayers for Martha Cannon; Ann Lowe; Pauline Climer Smith; Gleaman Rhodes family; and Cousin Andy Maness – would you send a card? Town Village, Apartment 213, 950 Cherry Road, Memphis, TN 38117.
Estelle Jones had a century April 18th birthday party! Senior Center was filled with family and friends. All in such a happy mood sharing a special day. Estelle has no grass under her feet; she was moving around for different poses. I took pictures for her an album. She needs no reminder who was at her party. That ole gal is one sharp smiling gal that does not look or act her age. I do not miss these parties, too much love present. Lance Beshires read a nice proclamation honoring Estelle Jones birthday! Long live the Queen of her cabin with Doug and Phyllis as Queen’s Guards! Hip Hip Hooray!
Regina’s “Girls Only” ordered pizza April 22, watched fruit get peeled, tasted red-meat watermelon and sinned in a glutton style. A few hours with a dozen gorgeous voluptuous women made Cody bow-wow to Regina Brooks, Brenda Hannah, Nancy Beacham, Mary Curtis, Phyllis Powell, Freda Jones, Reba Weatherford, Wanda Wright, Helen Rogers, Dian Brit, Donna Duran and me. April parties bring May roses, and we are full of scents and sense. It was an amazing party with pizza (three boxes) from Amazing Pizza delivered. Delicious for the luscious ladies!
Kindness – Brennon (Piggly Wiggly) knows how to pack cold in a brown bag perfectly; Daylon (Piggly Wiggly) is the best watermelon thumper. I appreciate seeing kindness. We give and receive, right? Mary Curtis – carried many get well goodies to Delores Perkins and carried Regina Brooks to eye appointment. Mary, I need my house washed! Ha!
Birthdays candles burning for Freda Jones (4-28); Ruby Weatherford (4-29); Billy Austin (4-29) had a great grandbaby boy due (4-26), and how could I forsake a friend celebrating 80 years on this beautiful earth April 18. Her name is physical therapy gal, Sheila Ryals. Sherrill used a blow torch to light candles! More candles for Shirley Hooper (4-30). Then her sons celebrate – Brian Hooper on May 12 (his worth is compared to a half a dollar, age 50) and Kevin Hooper on May 14 is staying “mum for mom.” Ray Hooper got left out in April and May. The best is yet to come with plenty of blueberries.
Bladen Hooper, son of Brian and Carrie Hooper lives in Kingsport. Bladen is Captain of the Robotics Team, Cyber Tribe 4020, at Dobyns – Bennett High School in Kingsport. They competed in F I R S T Robotics Competition in Cincinnati, Ohio, and The Smoky Mountain Regional – both in March. They won the Autonomous Award at both competitions. The team advanced to the F I R S T Championship in Houston, Texas, April 19 -22 after 129 qualifying. What an honor! Dobins – Bennett Cyber Tribe Robotics Team was one out of 619 teams who qualified out of the 3,324 registered teams! After a great competition a reward was a trip to Galleria Mall with over 450 stores and ice skating while in Houston. Grandparents, Ray and Shirley Edgar Hooper are proud of Bladen’s dedication and leadership along with his team. Aye Aye, Captain!
Grandparents, Ray and Shirley Hooper of Jacks Creek and Don and Barb Weller of Franklin, enjoy news. It was almost time for the local news, but at 4:59 p.m. Louisa Helenrose Hooper WAS the news! She is the second daughter of Kevin and Annalisa Hooper of Newnan, Ga. Big sister, Cora Evelyn knows March 15, 2023, brought her a little sister and best friend to be with “Gratitude to God makes even an earthly blessing a taste of heaven”.
QUESTION – Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong???

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