News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County

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“They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t heal, but you survive.”

 Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Wally Elisabeth Vallani Ginn (5-10-37 to 8-7-19) born in Germany. No visitation – Memorial Park South Wood Cemetery in Memphis; Hubert O’Rear (4-18-27 to 8-10-19) died in Texas – incomplete; Elsie Huffard (3-26-27 to 8-10-19) – Memorial Park South Wood Cemetery; Connie Faust (9-26-60 to 8-3-19); and Pamela Ann Johnson (2-12-50 to 8-12-19), daughter of Jack and Mildred Johnson.

Prayer requested for Carolyn Bingham, room 972; James Ellis; Harold James; and Sheila Cox, improving.

Tenderly remember August friends Lula Bell (8-23-16); Polly Lemons (8-30-16); Dana Kirk (8-19-17); Harry Brown (8-20-17); Laverne Lott (8-2-18); Troy Swafford (8-4-18); Jack Lott (8-7-18); Danny Howard Patterson (8-11-18); Amos Page (8-16-18); Gina Goff (8-16-18); Colbie Barber (8-17-18); James Johnson and Tommy Casey (8-25-18); Larry Bailey, Sr. (8-28-18); and Tilly Hogancamp (8-31-18).

Lots of birthday candles are glowing for Cammy Connor (8-11); Larry Stovall (8-15-51); Francis Ada (8-16-23); Braxton Ellis (8-16-07); Deborah Rush Connor (8-16-51); Kathy Haltom (8-16-51 ); David Parchman and Brenda Barnes Johnson (8-17-51); Braelyn Ellis (8-18-03); Doris Bingham (8-19); Phyllis Cochran Knolton (8-21-49); Mike Doyle (8-21-49); Julia Webb Parchman (8-22); Judy King Loftis (8-22-51); Joe Knipper (8-27-51); Jason Rhodes (8-29); Jerry Newman (8-29-46); Randy Ross (8-30); and Tammy Wright West (8-31). 

Also tenderly remember birthdays in heaven – Leamon Cooper (8-9-23); Cynthia Pusser (8-20-49); Robert Jones (8-22-09); Ruby Wright (8-24-27); Ruth Jones Rhodes (8-27-22); Worth Wright (8-28-20); Lila Ross (8-29-39); Gary Rhodes (8-29-37); and Clarence Jones (8-31-20).

My birthday was made special with a meal at Sweet Peas; leopard blouse; poodle salt and pepper shakers; antique land-line phone; homemade coconut cake; phone calls, email wishes; cards, two handwritten letters (lost art); jewelry; mug, perfume; gorgeous floral arrangement; shoes and money. Thanks to Kim, Jen, Will, Joy, Sheila, Phyllis, Brenda, Lori, Tracey, Patsy D., Don R., Phyllis, Jane, Donette, Nancy, Dennis, Sharon, Delores “Perky,” Mary, LaCross, Rocky, Ralph, Julia, Kathy, Vickie, Rachel, Willadean, Alice, Barbie, Juanita, Rebecca, Teressa, Hubby, Sammie and Petsmart.

Ernest and Biddie Maness reunion is Saturday, Aug. 17, at FHU Youth Camp off Hwy 45. Any Maness is welcomed and so are friends desiring to visit and eat with Maness families. We want Susie (Mrs. George) Maness, Betty (Mrs. Dennis) Maness Graves and Shirley Hurst Burkeen to return with photo albums. The dessert contest prizes goes to the top three cooks. All Maness family lines are encouraged to attend – welcomed always. Call 989-7485 or PO Box 13, Jacks Creek, TN, 38347.

Tidbits: Aug. 15, 1945 – the beginning of the end of World War II. Victory in Japan or V-J-Day. Japan announces surrender to Allies. The United States had dropped two atomic bombs (Aug. 6 and Aug. 9) on Japan. Papers officially signed Sept. 2, 1945.

Aug. 15, 1945, Newspapers headlines: NC Charlotte Observer – PEACE! It’s Over; Los Angeles Times – PEACE! Japs accept Allies Terms Unreservedly; Daily Herald – IT’S OVER – OFFICIAL; Chicago Daily Tribune – GREAT WAR ENDS!

These 41 WWII soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedoms – Bennett Allen, Joseph Anderson, John Arnold, Thomas Barber, Hughie Bishop, Isaac Brown, J.T. Cawthon, W.C. Christopher, Gordan Cox, John Griffin, Edgar Holder, Robert Holder, William Holmes, John Hubbard, William Kinchen, Wade King, C.B. Latham, James Wilson Lee, Floyd Lindsey, K.D. Lowrance, Jr., Hobert Maness, Edison Marsh, Kenneth McCanless, Willie Morris, Kirk Mount, Don O’Neal, James Priddy, John Ramer, Neal Ratliff, Hubert Rhodes, Herman Scott, J.L. Smith, Roy Smith, Floyd Snider, Elmo Tarpley, George Wallace, Floyd Wilson, Lloyd Wilson, Oliver Wilson, Jr., Woodrow Wood and Robert Wood, Jr. A list worth keeping as a keepsake in our Bibles. God bless our military.

 Tidbits: Fifteen U.S. Presidents who served in the Army or Army Reserves (formed June 14, 1775) – Ronald Reagan; Dwight Eisenhower; Harry Truman; Theodore Roosevelt; William McKinley; Benjamin Harrison; James Garfield; Rutherford Hayes; Ulysses Grant; Andrew Johnson; Franklin Pierce; Zachary Taylor; William Harrison; Andrew Jackson; and George Washington. *Our nation cannot go to war without the Army Reserve integrated into three component – active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve.

 Tidbits: Nine U.S. President served in the Militia (during colonial America, all able-bodied men of certain ages and depending on the respective states rule) – Chester Arthur; Abraham Lincoln; James Buchanan; Millard Fillmore; James Polk; John Tyler; James Madison; and Thomas Jefferson.

 Tidbits: Seven U.S. Presidents served in the Navy (formed 1775) and Air Force (formed 1947) – George W. Bush; George H.W. Bush; Jimmie Carter; Gerald Ford; Richard Nixon; Lyndon Johnson; and John Kennedy.

We planted lavender for bees and zinnias for butterflies. Not as many as it used to be, but we are thankful for each one. I hope you get a butterfly kiss this week. We need these insects for our own food to be pollinated. Don’t harm our flying friends.

Be kind to children, elderly and animals. All are helpless. We are their voice; and God is watching.“We’ll say bye for now: and we love you.” – Harry Brown


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