News from the Montezuma Community of Chester County

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July! I certainly want to stress the fact that people need to realize that we all are a part of ONE NATION UNDER GOD! We have rules put forth by God to live by first and foremost and then from our government. We need to lean on God each and every day. I feel like we are under his punishment right now for turning so far from him, and if everyone would simply wake up and realize how easy it is to accept him, it could bring our world back into his favor.
Walmart and Sam’s is having a six week fundraising event that runs through July 19. This year we are proud to partner up with some great vendors for our food truck event. These vendors are more than willing to jump on board donating their time and 10-20 percent of their sales. Our Child Sponsor this year is Kristen Daniel. She is a Chester County native who is currently in Lebonheur Children’s Hospital. Your donations at our location – Walmart 0393 South Jackson – will help her and other children who are in the hospital. There are multiple ways to help. You can make a donation at the register or purchase food from the local food trucks. As always, thank you for your support and participation in this event. Cookies for Cancer by Beth Everett is very proud to be part of this fundraising event. Being from Chester County, I hope you all come out and have lunch and desserts with us on July 10 and 18. We will be serving chicken pot pie and dessert for $5 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. or until food runs out. We will also have cookies, candy, pies and other desserts for sale. Hope to see you all, and remember to keep Kristen Daniel and her family in your prayers.
Montezuma sends out happy birthday wishes Danny Wade on July 10, Isabella Rose Moody on July 11, Bliss Davidson on July 11 and Kate Murley and Dakota Capooth on July 15.
Please continue to pray for Kristen Daniel, Linda Tacker, Buck Burkhead, Faye Crouse, Nancy Thomas, Ed and Betty Morris, Ann Morrison, our country and our government. We especially want to remember the families of Phyllis Holmes, Jimmy Diggs and other families that have recently lost loved ones.
We would love to have some new people get involved in working with us at the community center. Please call me at 608-2857 if you would like to join in.
Please call Betty Cooper at 879-9078 to book the use of the community center. Please send any noteworthy news you have to share in this column to or call me at 608-2857. Blessings to all of you until next time.

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