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News from the New Friendship & Mifflin Community of Chester County

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with Vickie Ellis

Hello to all!
I hope you are all well and continuing to handle this quarantine. Saturday was partly cloudy, warm and humid. I guess summer is finally on its way. All our trees are green now. Bore bees are busy, hummingbirds are thirsty and plants are growing. Our flowers are growing in pots and the ground, and we are blessed with birds to watch. They also sing to us on occasion. We worked in the backyard most of the day Thursday. We planted some flowers, a hummingbird vine, clematis and a pink/yellow honeysuckle. They were on sale at Kroger. We mulched the beds and watered. We have planted some bulbs and are planting some more that friends gave us. Thank you for thinking of me. Our yard looks so pretty mowed and today James is weed eating. This week is supposed to be pretty and a little cooler, so I am in hopes we can trim the bushes. Slowly but surely getting there.
Very happy to announce that Maverick Butler, son of Landon Butler, is finally strong enough to come home! He was in the hospital for 200 days and went home with his daddy and family on his daddy’s birthday! What a wonderful present. God is so good. Please continue to pray for them as their journey continues. As with most things nowadays, they are not having visitors during this quarantine coronovirus.
Congratulations to all the graduates! I know it has been a long journey with many memories some good, some bad, that comes with everything. I am sorry you do not get to have the usual graduation but the coronovirus is something to be cautious of. I do not think we should be scared, but we should keep our social distance and, I think, use masks. Gloves are up to each individual. This, too, shall pass. You have the most important thing – you have your diploma. Now on to the next journey. You can be anything you want to be. Believe in yourself and ask God for guidance. As we age and the future generation takes our place, we are depending on you all. I wish you all the best and may God protect and guide you in the years ahead.
Happy Birthday to Misti Ellis, Kaisey Taylor, Logan Butler and Lavelle Page, 5-17; Carlis McGhee and Tina Williams, 5-18; and Zacahary Priddy, 5-22.
Happy anniversary to Marla and Damon Newman, 5-18, Robby and Tracey Scott, 5-23.
Please continue to remember these in prayer Lynn Allen, Denise Armstrong, Brinson Biggs, Sheila Berry, Charlie Brewer, David Brewer, Maverick Butler, Leon Carroll, Diane Cross, Jeremy Ellis, Danny Jones, Nancy McCaskill, Nancy Morris, LaVelle Page, MaryAnn Priddy, Pam Priddy, Donald and Doris Rowlett, Doris Sells, Dalton Seratt, Kenny Stevens, Kristi Taylor, Mike Tignor and Adam Wise.
Also, please pray for our military, law enforcement, our country and its leaders, those affected by the coronovirus and first responders. There are many sick and hurting. Please say a prayer for those. Even if you do not know their name, God does.
“He Hears You” by Diane Ranker Riesen – “You don’t need to cry out loud/You don’t need to plea/God lives deep inside of you/and He lives inside of me/You don’t need to wonder/If God can feel your pain/He knows when your heart’s shining/And He knows when your heart rains/There’s no need to count your prayers/He’s heard you all along/That ‘strength’ you have to make it through/It’s “God” who made you strong/A prayer is not reciting/A prayer is not a chore/It’s just some time with you and Him/It opens ‘Heaven’s door”/When you seem lost and all alone/’Be Still’ and close your eyes/reach down into your quiet soul/You’ll see ‘hope’ never dies.”
I pray you all have a wonderful week, and may it be filled with love, joy, peace and blessings. Remember: if you have news, please email me at mimmiepots@gmail.com. We are not answering numbers we do not recognize due to the high number of robocalls. I would truly appreciate any news. People from here and those who have moved from our area are hungry for news from home.

Until next week, Happy Trails to You.

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