News from the Silerton Community of Chester County

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with Mary Lynn Lambert

Continue prayers for Ann Hinson, Brenda Cooper and Daisy Wilson, daughter of Ricky and Jennifer Wilson.
Mrs. Bessie Harris will celebrate her 100th birthday in May 2020. I asked her about any thoughts she might could pass down to the next generations. She was fast to say, “Trust God and don’t let worrying and fretting consume your time.” I think everyone would agree that Mrs. Harris is always upbeat and jolly. Recently at a doctor’s visit, her doctor asked her what she would contribute her longevity to, and she replied, “I have eaten a lot of oats.” She thinks a good sense of humor is helpful in most situations. She can not explain where her ability to be positive and jolly comes from except her Irish descent. She found it helpful to try to fit in with whomever she was with and to attempt to relate to them on their situation. She also contributed working with the young people in her church for years for keeping her enthusiastic and maintaining a zeal for life.
A big shout out to Rebecca Gloyd for sharing the following comments. She writes, “I haven’t put up a Christmas tree for several years. But this year, I got a little four-foot silver deal with the lights already on it, put it on a table, and stuck it in the front window. I put a few red, green, and gold balls on it, held on by silver ribbons, and encircled it with red lights in the window. I also put some red and green lights on the little redbud tree out back. I think it all looks very nice and adds a little Christmas magic.
Speaking of Christmas magic, you should check out the city park at Silerton. It looks fabulous. I say this with a good bit of pride because my daughter, Jennifer, helped to decorate it. She, her five-year-old daughter, Lila, and I were passing by the park on Dec. 7 on our way to the HolidayMart at the National Guard Armory. I saw Gail Mayfield, Mary Lynn Lambert, Barbara Lambert and Linda Beshires putting up the decorations, and I said, ‘Oh, go back. Gail wanted us to help decorate the park, and I forgot about it.’ So, we did, arriving just as the women finished decorating the Christmas tree in the gazebo. Grady Stack, Willard Beshires and Frankie Lambert were still putting lights up around the roof of the pavilion. I went back to the car to get my phone, so I could take pictures. When I turned around, there was Jennifer, up on the ladder, pounding a nail. Jennifer is a grown woman, married, and with a child of her own, but my mother instincts kicked in. I was alarmed to see her up there. I wanted to yell, ‘Jennifer! Get down from there this instant!’ But, instead, I said, ‘Be careful!’ two or three times. Maybe four or 10 times. Maybe 100. What can you do? I was impressed with my daughter’s expertise. She is a good light hanger. The park looks great. Three of Santa’s reindeer play by the gazebo, and a snowman stands guard. Everything is lit up beautifully. So, if you’re out riding around looking at lights, come on by.”
It would be appreciated if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.

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