News from the Silerton Community of Chester County

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with Mary Lynn Lambert

Continued prayers requested for John and Mary Jean Jordan. They are back at home. Mike Murley received a good report and would appreciate your prayers for other health issues. Roger Hatch is the process of seeing doctors regarding his health issues.
Willard and Linda Beshires traveled to Houston for a six-month checkup. He received an excellent report. They returned home via Louisiana back roads. They visited some interesting towns and diners.
Several people from our area have celebrated a birthday this month: Joe Stack, Brenda Cooper, Carolyn Vales, Frankie Lambert, Richard Crowley and Marvin Sipes.
Thanks to Joe Seavers for sharing bits of his senior wisdom. Joe is proud to say he is living in his eighth decade of life, and he is very thankful for God’s blessings. Joe states that, in his opinion, the single most important thing a person can do to have a successful and productive life is to have a personal relationship with God and go to church. He hates to see churches closing because so many younger people do not see the need for church attendance. One of the things he feels is changing our families is that children are spending too much time on their telephones and playing games instead of talking with family and friends. Joe served in the Navy for four years during the Vietnam era. He feels that every young man should enter the military. He said, “Young people become more dedicated to their country and become more responsible and independent. While in the military, they are not able to run to parents when a problem arises.” After his time in the military, Joe worked at Kimberly Clark for 28 and a half years. He talked about the satisfaction he felt knowing he was providing for his family. He maintains a good relationship with his three children. He states that children need understanding parents but that they also need discipline. Joe feels the schools need the authority to discipline students. Schools should be helping children learn discipline and teaching them that consequences follow disobedience. One of his main bits of wisdom is all people need to think about others and show respect to each other.
It would be appreciated if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.

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