News from the Silerton Community of Chester County

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Prayer request for Ann Hinson as she battles health issues. Joie Freeman, Brenda Cooper, John Jordan and Sarah Chandler continue to need our prayers.
Ricky Wilson, Joe and Trudy Stack made a fast trip to Kansas to pick up Kendall Wilson and Dixie Chasteain. Kendall will be spending the summer in Silerton. Dixie is returning home after visiting her father.
The Silerton Town Council enjoyed a conference call Monday night to discuss items of business for the town.
This week, we hear from some of our younger citizens about the coronavirus quarantine.
Jonathan Banks, son of Bryan and Nicole Banks, shared that he feels blessed that they have a second home on the Tennessee River. They have traveled to their river home and enjoyed canoeing and fishing during the coronavirus quarantine. He stated that they have enjoyed catching a good amount of fish. He has missed his friends but has stayed connected by texting. While in Silerton, he has stayed busy working in the yard and playing on his Xbox. He offers the following advice for the remainder of the quarantine: stock up on food, especially microwave foods, toilet paper and paper towels. He suggested that people use the quarantine time to read and catch up on the things they have postponed because of lack of time.
Thomas Banks and his twin brother, Jonathan, are now 14 years old. He thinks his brother gave good advice for the quarantine. He, too, has maintained communications with his friends with the technology like Facetime. He said, “At first, I was glad to be out of school, but then I started missing the normal routine of school life. I had rather be bored at school than to be bored at home.”
They were polite young gentlemen, and I enjoyed hearing their take on the quarantine.
Dixie Chasteain, who just returned from Kansas visiting her father, enjoyed hanging out with her family even though they spent most of their time in the house. Even though she maintained contact with her mother and friends, she said that it is not the same as personal contact. She feels people need to stay home to help make sure everyone will be safe. She did miss school. Her mother told me they will continue to do schoolwork at home this summer.
Kendall Wilson shared two sad episodes that occurred during the quarantine. One of her friends moved from Kansas to Ohio. She contracted the virus, but she is doing much better. Her neighbor, Jeff, is a super nice guy and was on the road trying to help a neighbor. He was hit and killed in an accident. She is glad to be back in Tennessee with family so she can play outside. She finished all her schoolwork online and hopefully will be going back to school in September. She reported that on the trip to Tennessee there was not a lot of traffic, and they had to get fast food at a drive through.
JJ Record lives in Henderson but spends time in Silerton because Jennifer Wilson is babysitting him and his younger brother. During the quarantine, he stayed at home with his family. He just finished third grade at West Chester. He hopes everyone will stay safe.
I would appreciate it if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.

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