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News from the Silerton Community of Chester County

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with Melea Beshires

As Thanksgiving approaches, many begin to count their blessings and renew a sense of gratitude within. This is the time of year to meditate on all the little joys of our lives. This year I am grateful for good neighbors. We all take turns walking through the different stages of life, and each present their own challenges and also beauty. As a recent mother of two, I have learned just how significant an encouraging word, a smile or a helping hand can be! What are you thankful for this year? Let us all spread joy this year by voicing our gratitude!
The fundraiser held at the Silerton Fire Department Saturday, Nov. 7, was enjoyed by all who attended and was a great success! After hamburgers and hotdogs, Steve Claunch set the musical stage with several selections. Following this, a few poems were read, and some patriotic stories were shared. All of the veterans were asked to form a line in the front of the audience. Each veteran then introduced himself and made a few remarks about his service. The men performed their annual rendition of Elvira. The program was concluded with gospel singing by Fran Willis and the Mike Moore family. Remember to support the fire department’s annual Christmas bake held in December. They are raising money for new fireman uniforms.
Several Silerton citizens celebrate birthdays this month. Frank Herndon celebrated a birthday on Nov. 8. Cody Naylor’s birthday is Nov. 13. Linda Beshires’ birthday is Nov. 18, and Carolyn Stacks’ birthday is Nov. 27. Be sure to wish these folks a happy birthday or happy belated birthday if you see them.

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