News from the Sweetlips Community of Chester County

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with JoAnn Greer

Hopewell Baptist Church will be holding their annual revival Aug. 2-7. Times are 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 2, and 7 p.m. nightly Monday, Aug. 3, though Friday, Aug. 7. There will be a different speaker each evening – Doug Hampton on Sunday, Bill Hollingsworth on Monday, Wendell Owens on Wednesday, and Doug Hampton on Friday. Jonathon Bond and Bill Douglas will fill in on Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone is welcome to attend.
With this virus there has been so much uncertainty in our lives. Weddings, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, etc., have been cancelled. Birthdays, anniversaries and so much more are being celebrated in unconventional ways. I know it is hard on each of us, but I believe God will see us through it. The biggest thing is to try and remain safe.
With all that is going on, love is still in the air. Michaela Price and Blake Jones are engaged and will be having an early September wedding. While fireworks were exploding in the air July 4, Cannon Stroud proposed to Hannah Hilton. What’s that saying? Love conquers all.
Happy Birthday to Hannah Carson Carter, July 22; Matthew Greer and Hannah Gilliam, July 23; Chris Bullman, July 24; Kelby Newsom and Scott Freeman, July 25; Tara Adams, July 28; Paxton Connor, July 29; Janice Keen, July 30; Cindy Springer Piechocki and Terri Moore, July 31; Ruth Gaffney, Aug. 1; Felicia Terry and Rita Cothren, Aug. 2; Brett Birl, Aug. 3; and Grant Cogbill and Chad Talley, Aug. 6. Happy Anniversary to Danny and Janice Keen, July 31.
On our prayer list are Tammy Barton, Francis Brooks, Dude, Mike and Joe Russell, Marcel Northcot, our kids going back to school, each other, our military and their families and our country and its leaders. Prayers to God to heal our land of this virus and all who are trying to harm us.
Because of the virus, the community center has not been rented out that much, so if anyone would like to make a donation to help us out until our stew. You may mail to Cindy Springer, 3705 Sweetlips Rd., Henderson, TN 38340. Checks need to be made to Sweetlips Community Center.
I also wanted to remind everyone that I only have news if your share news. I have been sick for about six-eight months and went through surgery, so that is part of the reasons for no articles.
As the temperatures have been in the 90s, remember to check on our shut-ins and elderly.
I also want to thank my good neighbors who have left squash and tomatoes on my porch swing. The tomatoes were so good on my bacon sandwich.
The year 2020 has really brought a world of unknown events to our doorsteps. My hope and prayer is that 2021 will be a much better year for our Nation.
I feel as if we have just quietly sat by and let so many things slip into our lives that never should have been there. What happened to standing for what is right? And why do we have to bend to things that we know are wrong? Or at least that is what they would like us to do. Anyways, everyone have a great week. Stay safe.

Thought for the week: “It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” – Thoreau

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